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Then your Christmas show will be in the county – Culture & Fun

He did a break with Christmas night last year and, instead, he went on tour with his finely-adjusted and quietest Angel's time in churches and concert halls.

"I've done the great and bright Christmas Night for four years and I needed an environmental change. I wanted to control my own time a bit. I felt then, but now I'm back and ready again, says Magnus Carlsson.

She brings Sofía Källgren, Tommy Nilsson and Elisa Lindström on this year's tour, which ends in Linköping on December 2 and in Norrköping a week later.

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The new Christmas Night quartet in Elisa Lindström, Tommy Nilsson, Magnus Carlsson and Sofía Källgren programmed the Christmas concert in Rome.

– Three artists directed with the heart in the right place, says Magnus.

The new Magnus Carlsson Christmas quartet met for the first time in Rome for inspiration and sensation from Italy.

"This year's tour will have some Italian songs, where ancient and modern music culture meet in Rome's equal way. It's old and new in every neighborhood and corner you know here, he says.

– There are so many strong names and voices in Italy. In the late 90s, Laura Pausini and Andreas Bocceli were great names. They, along with several of the Eurovision Italian bags, made me listen more and more to the Italian genre.

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Elisa Lindström, Magnus Carlsson, Sofia Källgren and Tommy Nilsson are the Quartet of the Year on Christmas Eve.

How many Italians are you?

"I am quite private, quite calm and kind, but it has come back to the stage. There may be some Italian craving for passion, temperament and commitment in me. We will see that I can attract this year's tour.

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With a taste of Italy, Tommy Nilsson, Magnus Carlsson, Sofia Källgren and Elisa Lindström will sing and meet Christmas.

The time until the premiere in Karlskrona on November 22 is carefully planned.

– We all came with a desired list of songs to Italy. Very quickly we agreed that songs should and should be, but we also consider some special numbers that they do not usually do.

– Sofia Källgren and I will make our own version of "Farewell Time", which received a Swedish text from Björn Ulvaeus.

– Then we will travel to Christmas Night with Italy. Moving on hooks in previous years. "Ave Marie", "Santa Lucia" and "Bella Notte", as we all know of Lady and Lufsen on Christmas Eve, are some classics from there.

Elisa Lindström has her own favorite.

"It was the first song I learned," said Elisa, and continued floating in her own memory trip before she landed in the present.

… and is it?

– It's just Lucía's song in Italian … It's very appropriate in the concept of this year. We'll see if I have the opportunity, but I really want to sing it. Me and my sister built the longest house in the world Luciatåg in the living room with our dolls and goats.

Tommy Nilsson made a successful summer tour with Diggillo behind him, where his homage to the song "She" to his former mother-in-law Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson captured the public's feelings and embraced each heart.

"It was a special number," he says.

"I was closer to Diggillo, so it was quite obvious that I would do it. It was fine. It became true with our connection between us. I'm glad that so many affected.

Tommy recently wrote newer and more modern jewels.

– More about how we celebrate Christmas today … Christmas seems very different to many of the former. "This year is my Christmas" is my way of describing Christmas in a different way.

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