Sunday , June 13 2021

Trailer reveals: Rosenberg extends with the MFF


Markus Rosenberg, 36, marked this season as his last.

But now there is clear indication that Captain Malmö FF will also play in 2019.

He was a foreign pro in Holland, Germany, Spain and England. But above all, it became known as one of the biggest Malmö FF profiles.

The 36-year-old striker Markus Rosenberg earned three SM gold with the club and played both the Europa League and the Champions League in the blue sky shirt.

His contract expired after this season and has previously scored because it can not be an extension, unless the team continues in the European game and so continues in February.

– The contract ends last December, so we have a problem, haha. But good negotiation position in that case, Rosenberg said before in an interview with Sportbladet.

So, is it not a one hundred percent decision you quit smoking?

– If we move from the group, no.

The year changes accordingly

This morning, Malmö posted one movie clips on Twitter.

"During the season we continue to Markus Rosenberg to record the documentary about his last time in the MFF. See the trailer now!"They write.

At first glance, it's easy to interpret it as putting the shoes on the shelf immediately after the season, but if you see the trailer to the end, you will begin to think that it is not.

In the same way that fans are listened to sing: "Mark, write, write", move the final word where it says: "The film about Markus Rosenberg – Premiere 2019".

But, then, does the year change to 2020 – a clear indication that Rosenberg also plays in the MFF next season?

Fansens joy in the comments

The movie clip made fans become crazy. Most of those who commented on the clip interpret this as the captain has already extended, and one can see a single joy.

"Get out the news immediately! Dying a little dying every day without a clear message."Write a follower.

"2020? It's done!", Write another one.

Sportbladet looks for the sports director of Malmö FF, Daniel Andersson, for a comment.

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