Sunday , June 13 2021

Trendbrottet: Less flights abroad | meter

Compared to last year, 850,000 more travelers arrived this year abroad, which is an increase of more than four percent. But in previous years, the increase exceeded nine percent, which corresponds to 1.7 million travelers, according to the Transport Agency. Inform SVT.

The domestic trip is also low. Between January and September this year, domestic trips decreased by 188,000 passengers, more than three percent compared to the same period last year.

Even overseas charter flights have declined slightly, write the site.

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The climate issue can affect

The reason why the increase in the number of travelers stopped, according to Jean-Marie Skoglund of the Transport Agency, may be the case of the bankruptcy of the NexJet airline this spring. But he also says that it remains to be seen whether the flight tax introduced in April will have any effect.

Even climate change can affect the flight trip, according to Skoglund.

"Individuals have thoughts about their trips in a completely different way now than before," he says, to SVT.

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It can have consequences

If the development continues in the same direction, where the number of passengers no longer increases at the same rate as the previous one, it may have consequences for the aviation industry.

"The airlines will withdraw the traffic. In the long run, some lines can be placed," said Skoglund, for the site.

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