Thursday , October 28 2021

Unexpected family relationships between birds | Gothenburg Post


Esteem that the species began to be divided already between 18 and 20 million years, during the time of Miocene.

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The new discoveries led to an international research group from Sweden, China, Denmark, Switzerland and the United States after the study of more than 400 species DNA, Uppsala University said in a press release.

Seven main branches of bird species were identified and classified during the study. Several birds, previously considered as different species of species of the same species, do not seem to be closely related to the researchers and, therefore, should be classified as completely different species.

Many of the species have never been analyzed with genetic methods, and only a few of them occur in Sweden, such as black hair, gardeners and peasants.

The birds are especially fond of the dense underground populations in the forest, but some live in bushes in dry areas and in damp areas with abundant vegetation.

Several follow-up studies on the ecology, development and protection of birds will be based on the new conclusions.

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