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20 minutes – Bern equals the series after an extraordinary victory

Two hours before the start of the game there is no free seat available in the public view in front of the stadium. The area is clear (and unlike Thursday in Bern) it has run out; Hunger in train for the second title of the championship after 1998 is huge. For now, however, the people of Zug suffered a setback on the way to the throne. For the first time in these playoffs, they finished a home game with a defeat. Bern, on the other hand, won the sixth of seven games out.

Zug begins with the break in the playoff final

Sharoni rarely shine in qualification. In playoffs, however, he was able to increase the fall in the new autumn for the team's striker. In the extra time, he pressed the disc in the pass of André Heim on the line. After 62 minutes, Bern felt a winner with the first time. Tristan Scherwey but marked the obvious winner with the ice skate; the door was denied rightly.

Haas proves its importance

When Berna returned with Gaëtan Haas, he had lost nine injured parties recently, and Thomas Rüfenacht (on Thursday absent for private reasons) two important players returned to the lineup. Haas, who led the fourth line as a center, showed his importance after 24 minutes. With a shot from a sharp angle, he scored his first play-off goal this year and the lead of SCB 1-0.

Haas leads to SC Bern in the second third in the head. (Video: SRF)

As in game 1, Bern returned to lead, this time up twice. Zug reacted to goals twice in the power match. And twice the scorer was Dennis Everberg. He first diverted a shot by Garrett Roe after taking 42 seconds before the second break with a close shot. For both successes, the classification in Bern did not fit perfectly.

Dennis Everberg meets calmly and wonderfully for 2: 2. (Video: SRF)

Grassi injured after the check by Lammer

In general, Berner had more access to the game than on Thursday, although Zug once again had more game actions, and especially in the third section, favored by Berner's penalty, the winner was much closer. Bern on the other side had a Mark Arcobello position in minute 42.

The equalizer of Roe in the power game. (Video: SRF)

Jan Mursak returns the SCB ahead: (Video: SRF)

Without personal worries, the game did not fire again for Bern: Daniel Grassi was injured in the 13th minute after a collision with Dominic Lammer. As expected, Challenge Suri could not join Zug. The striker, who saw the game in the stadium, retired on Thursday after a nasty check by Adam Almquist. Almquist was replaced in Bernese defense by the only 21-year-old Colin Gerber, who previously had no ice age in the playoffs, but did his job well. As the final sanction against Almquist fails, it should be known on Monday.


Train – Bern 2: 3 (0: 0, 2: 2, 0: 0, 0: 1) n.V.

7200 spectators (exhausted). – SR Wiegand / Hebeisen, Castelli / Kovacs.

goals: 24. Haas (Bieber) 0: 1. 28. Everberg (Roe, Alatalo / Sciaroni exclusion) 1: 1. 31. Mursak (Ebbett) 1: 2 (penalty indicated). 40. (39:18) Everberg (Roe / Ausschluss Berger) 2: 2. 65. Sciaroni (house) 2: 3.

penalties: 2 times 2 minutes against Bern, 5 times 2 minutes against Zug.

PostFinance artilleryman: Martschini; Arcobello.

train: Stephan; Díaz, Morant; Smurfs, Zgraggen; Thiry, Alatalo; Zryd, Stadler; Klingberg, Roe, Everberg; Martschini, Flynn, Simion; Lammer, Senteler, Leuenberger; Zehnder, Albrecht, Schnyder.

Bern: Genius; Krueger, Blum; Burren, Beat Gerber; Untersander, Colin Gerber; Marti; Rüfenacht, Arcobello, Moser; Boychuk, Mursak, Ebbett; Sciaroni, Heim, Scherwey; Grassi, Haas, Berger; Bieber.

observations: He trained without Suri (wounded), McIntyre and Widerström (both foreign surplus), Bern without Almquist (suspended), Kamerzin, Andersson (both injured), Kämpf and Brügger (both supernumeraries). Grassi was withdrawn (13). Post Shot Arcobello (42). Skid-gate of unauthorized Scherwey (62).


(DHO / sda)

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