Thursday , July 29 2021

20 minutes – "So it only becomes a jam"

What happened to Kei Nishikori?
I had the feeling that we both had problems in the first set. As it usually happens in a first round. In the second set the level managed to improve, but unfortunately I could not defend my start. The ten minutes from the end of the first set to 1-1 in the second were probably the key. It was a typical indoor encounter with few occasions. And what used them prevailed.

They had problems during all the week's training in return. This was the main problem?
My plan, how to get back, was certainly correct. But I could not do it the way I wanted in the beginning. This happens from time to time. So it only becomes a chrism. But then you just have to see that it opens it in some way at the moment. I still had the feeling that I should have won the first set. The possibilities were there. And the service was pretty safe. But at the Nishikori tiebreak he played some miraculous balls. That's why he deserved it.

They are not accustomed to losing the first game of the ATP final. How to deal with it?
I have to mark as soon as possible. That's why I came directly from the square to the press conference. And when I'm far from the plant, I just hope to look. Now I have a free day, you have to take with it what was good and analyze what I should do better.

Continue on Tuesday against Dominic Thiem, against whom has a balance of 1: 2. What do you expect from this game?
Well, the balance does not have to mean much. We did not play against each other for a long time (last time in 2016). I did not see Thiem's ​​departure, he was on his way here. I have to play better against him. I'm already disappointed with my performance. It may happen, but it should not. I am anxious for the game against Thiem, he also plays with a lot of variation, sometimes with kick, sometimes with serving, sometimes with power. I have to play tactically intelligent too.


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