Thursday , July 29 2021

20 minutes – The village of Ibiza in Oberägeri divides Switzerland

Round windows, barely edges, palms and everything white as snow: the architectural style of a Mediterranean village in Oberägeri ZG, whose owner is in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and Ibiza, gives rise to talk.


What do you think of the buildings of foreign architectural styles in Swiss neighborhoods?

"Elegant, tasteful, a dream," said the reader, the first 20-minute article for this house, which currently buys approximately 3.4 million francs. Many other readers now also dream of this unique property: "A beautiful, cozy, city with great atmosphere".

But the house of Ibiza in the country also irritates many. There are a number of comments on this subject: "This town belongs to the sea, not to the mountains" or "In Spain, but not in Switzerland." Someone even demands: "Remove."

79% would like to live there

In general, Ibiza Villa de Oberägeri appealed to a large majority: when asked if they would like to live in this town, 79% of more than 2,000 participants clicked on this answer: "Yes, you should feel like a long-term holiday. " Only 21 percent, the town is very special and does not want to live there.

"Baureglement in Oberägeri obviously leaves a lot of room for maneuver"

And how does Ibiza-Villa come to the professional world? Rahel Marti, editor-in-chief of the architectural magazine "Hochparterre", says at the beginning: "In all the municipalities there is a regulation of buildings, so this villa has been reviewed and, apparently, the dimensions are in accordance with the regulations that exist . " In other words, Marti continues. Oberägeri's regulations "seem to leave a lot of room for maneuver". It simply regulates dimensions and areas, but not the architectural style.

«The neighborhoods are usually the right architectural gardens»

"This is the case, and that is why you will find several types of architecture in the suburbs of Swiss unifamilial houses, sometimes real architectural zoos." Specifically, in the case of Oberägeri ZG, Marti points out that there is an independent chalet-style house next to the Mediterranean house. "What are different flavors is a fact and of course well. But construction is always a public adventure. Every house, even a private home, is finally in the village, in the countryside, in the public space, where everyone can see it and they all belong. "And this is where the duty of the building's authority comes not only in dimensions, but also in terms of respecting the general outlook.

If the request of a building complies with the regulations of a municipality, it can not be rejected. "But if you want to avoid the architectural zoo, there are two ways. Or it makes the building regulations more stringent for houses to become more uniform." Or you should try to accompany a project with a construction consultancy so that a global image arises Consistent in place of total individuality. There are communities that would be very involved in this and others not.

"A coherent whole that I do not recognize in Oberägeri"

The State has the duty to find excessive forms of construction that are adjusted. The conclusion of the expert in Ibiza Villa: "Of course, the buildings can be different, but a good architect chooses shapes and characteristics that have something to do with the neighborhood. This generates a harmonious whole. I can not see it in the image of the Oberägeri district . »


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