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All information about the Bundesliga explosion in the live ticker

The game BVB against the Bayern Munich elects the world of football On Saturday, the two teams faced the Westfalenstadion in the Bundesliga. Here is all the information before the explosion on Saturday at Liveticker.

For the first time since the 2011/12 season Borussia Dortmund is back straight ahead of Munich. There is currently the feeling in Dortmund, that the Favre-Elf Bayern It could be dangerous. But what are the chances after defeating 0-2 in Atlético de Madrid?

Bundesliga top game against Bayern BVB

Already there was a mood of misfortune in some newspapers. "This is not enough for Bayern", he led the drawing after the defeat in Madrid. And even the kicker wrote that BVB Again "on the ground of facts".

On a day in April 2012 Roman Weidenfeller wrote the story of the Bundesliga Photo: Bernd Thissen dpa / lnw
One day, in April 2012, Roman Weidenfeller wrote the history of the Bundesliga

At Borussia Dortmund you can see the whole thing a bit more sober. "These days are easy. We have to go there. Saturday goes on," Captain Marco Reus said after the game. On Thursday (November 8), coach Lucien Favre and sports director Michael Zorc asked questions to the media. These are your statements.

The coach BVB Lucien Favre in …

… the staff situation: "I think that Roman Bürki is fine, but we're training this afternoon. I can not say anything to Abdou Diallo either. All other players are fine."

… the development of the team: "We have a good progress in the 3-4 months but we still have a lot to do. The team is very young, they need their time, that's normal."

… how to win Bayern Munich: "Attack, express it, defend very well, defend intelligent and intelligent attack."

… the highest game on Saturday: "We have to take a lead on Saturday and defend ourselves very intelligently.

… Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery: "Robben and Ribery have been playing for Bayern for a long time. Your career is fantastic."

… Paco Alcacer: "The link and the right move against Wolfsburg and Madrid were missing, but before that was not the case and the link will return quickly."

… defeat in Madrid: "If we lose or win, we always learn something. Also the coaches and the players. I will be happy to play again against Atlético at some point. I did not like that we lost.

… the preparation for Robert Lewandowski: "We still do not know how we are going to play in defense. We know we will play against very good players. Not only are they good at the front but also in the middle field and defense. We have to play very clever, with the ball and without a ball."

The sports director BVB Michael Zorc in …

… the statements of FC Bayern before the game: "It's completely irrelevant what is said before the game. The game will be decided on Saturday night. It really does not matter who enters the game as a favorite. Of course we record the Bayern situation, but it really does not matter."

… the differences between BVB and FCB: "It is not advisable to make comparisons between the two teams. I always wanted to keep the facts. Bayern has 10 points in the Champions League. The favorite situation is too hot for me. We are pleased with our situation. We rolled the right bolts in the summer. we do not need to make any comparison or conclusion. "

… the highest game on Saturday: "We all wait for the game, it always has a special charm. It is our goal to win the game here at home. This is what we want against all the teams in the world, including Bayern. I lost the assault against Atletico Madrid. That be different or Saturday. "

… or restart in BVB in summer: "I think our way was not another alternative, of course, our team is new in general, but we deliberately carry out one or another experienced player. The balance in the team has worked so far."

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