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"Bars for Rare": the woman wants to sell rhinos – Horst Lichter only looks at these two parts of the body


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When a salesman arrives at the Pulheim laminator for "Bares for Rare", presenter Horst Lichter will not be amazed and looks at the woman in a sassy manner.

Last Monday (November 19), the "bars for Rares" hosted by Horst Lichter was not surprised at the beginning. He had to flicker when he saw that a salesperson was dragging for the Pulheim mill. It was a great rhino. But then his eyes roamed Bottrop's forearms by Maike Petzold.

Moderator Horst Lichter is interested in "Bars for Rare" only for sellers

There he had two unusual tattooswho remember the small hands. When the lights asked curiously, the vendor replied that this was the one They worked the hands of their daughter and her son, That's just a crazy idea, that is, did you take the little pants? "Says Lichter completely out of the cottage.

Yes, only Petzold wanted to say. Their children had painted their hands in watercolors and pressed them on a piece of paper. The models were tattooed directly in the forearms of Petzold. "What fun? There the expression, I can read in you, as in a book, has a completely different meaning"Lichter was confused.

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Rhino as a bank – the salesperson is happy with great profits

But back to the rhinoceros: this was good for surprise. This was really one thing seatexplained the expert Sven Deutschmanek. She came from 1960s by the Yugoslavian designer Dimitri Omersa, This also built variants of elephants or donkeys. And these are worth a lot of money today – so the expert estimates that the rhinoceros bank up to 1,400 euros!

The dealers were offered only modest – although Markus Wildhagen and Jan Cizek dueled for the good piece. But in the end it jumped "only" 910 euros by Petzold. Traders did not want to offer anymore. The salesperson, however, did not hesitate for a long time and happily made the deal with Cizek. In the end, her husband just bought the rarity for only € 100.

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