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Champion Hockey League: the first round of qualifying rounds

Bernese has to be clearly defeated in the first round of qualifying rounds for the first round of the Hockey Champions League. Image: KEYSTONE

ZSC with compensation in the last second – SCB conceded the defeat in Malmö – Zug wins in Munich

SC Bern threatened the Hockey Champions League in the second round of the final. Kari Jalonen's team lost the first stage in Malmö with 1: 4.

In this way, the SCB needed in the game of house two weeks with a victory with four goals of difference for the progress. The Berneses were in the back of the fourth Swedish championship at the beginning of the third place of delay, led by Mathias Bieber shortly after the 1-1 draw.

The SCB could not react to the objective of the recent opening of South Sweden shortly before the second break. Although he pressed in the third tie final, but it was treated with two goals conceded in the last five minutes, a considerable mortgage for the second stage.

Provisional compensation of 1: 1 by Bieber.

ZSC lost a good starting position

The ZSC Lions goes with a 4: 4 in the second stage in Oulu, Finland. Against Kärpät plays in the Hallenstadion a better starting position for individual errors.

Even worse, the ZSC could not have started in this game. Practically with the first action, Maxim Noreau plays a catastrophic failure in his own area. Aleksi Heponiemi thanks and shoots the Finnish champion in the lead. After that, the people of Zurich start the game. Thanks to Kevin Klein and a great individual performance by Raphael Prassl, they take the lead.

In the final phase, things get worse again in Oerlikon: First, the Finns transform the game on their side thanks to two PowerPlay games. But Fredrik Pettersson saves the ZSC a second before the end of the draw.

Late compensation for the ZSC.

Lugano pulls

Lugano plays with the Swedish top team in Gothenburg at least based on results at eye level. Playfully, however, the guests are impressively superior. However, Ticino plays a fighter and manages to keep the game balanced. But Ticinese is also very lucky. In the third section, Pfosten and Latte helped get a draw.

The compensation for HC Lugano.

Zug celebrates the victory of the last minute

EV Zug celebrates a last-minute victory in Munich. In spite of a good beginning and an advantage of 2-0 thanks to Dominik Schlumpf (tenth) and Lino Martschini (29), the central Swiss is still tremendous. Shugg and Mitchell compensate the representative of the DEL in the middle section. Long seems a draw. But Martschini shoots the Zuger with his second goal just before the mermaid starts luckily.


Munich – Zug 2: 3 (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 1)
2290 spectators. – SR Nikolic / Stolc (AUT), Hinterdobler / Hofer (GER).
goals: 10. Smurf (Simion) 0: 1. 29. Martschini (Suri) 0: 2. 30. Shugg (Aulie) 1: 2. 33. Michtell 2: 2. 58. Martschini (Suri, Albrecht) 2: 3.
penalties: 8 times 2 more 10 minutes (Aulie) against Munich, 2 times 2 minutes against Zug.
Munich: Two birches; Aulie, Boyle; Joslin, Seidenberg; Abeltshauser, Bodnarchuk; button; Wall, flights, Kastner; Mitchell, Stajan, Mayenschein; Andreas Eder, Daubner, Shugg; Lobach, Tobias Eder, Quaas.
train: Stephan; Thiry, Alatalo; Smurf, Zgraggen, Díaz, Stadler; Martschini, Zehnder, Suri; Lammer, Albrecht, Widerström; Klingberg, Senteler, Simion; Haberstich, Leuenberger, Schnyder. Observations: Munich without Hager, train without McIntyre, Roe, Zryd and Morant (all injured).

ZSC Lions – Kärpät Oulu 4: 4 (2: 2, 1: 0, 1: 2)
3510 spectators. – SR Linde / Nord (SWE), Castelli, Altmann.
goals: 1. (0:44) Heponiemi 0: 1. 9. Small 1: 1. 16. Prassl (Bachofner, Noreau) 2: 1. 19. Lasu (Lindsten, Ohtamaa / Humaloja Exclusion!) 2: 2. 34. Pettersson (Suter) 3: 2. 52. Lasu (Exclusion Shore) 3: 3. 59. (58:53) Heshka (Kivihalme, Leskinen / Exclusión Suter) 3: 4. 60. (59:59) Pettersson (Suter, Noreau ) 4.4.
penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against the ZSC lions, 3 times 2 minutes against Kärpät Oulu.
ZSC Lions: Schlegel; Klein, Phil Baltisberger; Noreau, Marti; Blindenbacher, Karrer; Sutter; Hollenstein, Shore, Bodenmann; Petersson, Suter, Cervenka; Bachofner, Prassl, Chris Baltisberger; Duke, Schäppi, Backman; Back Kircher.
Kärpät Oulu: Vehviläinen; Heshka, Ohtamaa; Hakanpää, Kivihalme; Niemelä, Kukkonen; Mäkelä; Koblitz, Lasu, Leskinen; Heponiemi, Kupari, Anttila; Kristof, Metsävainio, icons; Karvinen, Humaloja, Sailio; Lindsten.
observations: ZSC Lions without Geering, Nilsson, Wick (all injured). – Lattenschüsse Heshka (39.), Leskinen (39). Waiting time Kärpät Oulu (58:30).

Lugano – Frölunda Indians 1: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0)
3846 spectators. – SR Fonselius / Heikkinen (FIN), Gnemmi / Fox.
goals: 26. Pathrik Westerholm (Ponthus Westerholm / Hofmann and Ekbom exclusion) 0: 1. 39. Haapala (Sannitz, Hofmann) 1: 1.
penalties: 4 times 2 minutes each
Lugano: Merzlikins; Ulmer, Wellinger; Riva, Vauclair; Chiesa, Chorney; Jecker, Ronchetti; Walker, Vedova, Joerg; Haapala, Sannitz, Hofmann; Bürgler, Morini, Klasen; Fazzini, Romanenghi, Bertaggia.
Indians Frolunda: Mattsson; Genoway, Lindstrom; Westerlund, Sigalet; Moverrare, Ekbom; Gunnarsson; Rakhshani, Lundquist, Lasch; Hjalmrsson, Carlsson, Stalberg; Soderlund, Friberg, Rosseli-Olsen; Fagemo, Pathrik Westerholm, Ponthus Westerholm; Fjällström.
observations: Lugano without Cunti, Loeffel, Lapierre, Sartori (all injured), as well as Lajunen (ill), Frölunda Indians without Mostonen and Norstebo (both injured). – Post Shots Sannitz (34th); Carlsson (49).

Malmö Redhawks – Bern 4: 1 (0: 0, 2: 1, 4: 1)
2543 spectators. – SR Hurtik / Schukies (GER), Lundgren / Nyqvist (SWE).
goals: 24. Hetta (Molin, Trop) 1: 0. 32. Bieber (Arcobello, Moser) 1: 1. 36. Setkov (Wemmenborn) 2: 1. 55. Emil Sylvegard (Bryggman, Lerby) 3: 1. 59. Myllari 4: 1.
penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against Malmö, 5 times 2 minutes against Bern.
Malmö: They want; Lerby, Olsson; Torp, Myllari; Setkov, Bryggman, Ericsson; Marcus Sylvegard, Janolhs, Hetta; Emil Sylvegard, Wemmenborn, Molin; Olofsson, Forsberg, Görtz; Storm, Komarek, Hardt.
Bern: Genoni; Burren, Almquist; Krueger, Blum; Andersson, Beat Gerber; Kamerzin; Bieber, Arcobello, Simon Moser; Rüfenacht, Ebbett, Scherwey; Mursak, Haas, fighting; Berger, Heim, Grassi; Sharks.
observations: Bern without Marti and Untersander (both injured). (Abu / sda)

All winners of the Champions League of Hockey

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