Friday , February 26 2021

Coop launches "Happy Cola"

Coca-Cola reduced the bottles to 0.45 liters, but prices remain unchanged. This is not attractive to many. No Coop either. The retailer wants to take the American beverage giant with his own coke to make foam.

A small entry in the Trademark Registry shows that Coop wants to fight Coca-Cola in Switzerland. The bottom: Coca-Cola introduced new dimensions of smaller bottles (0.45 liters) in Switzerland, but did not reduce prices (reported BLICK).

That is not good for retailers. Despite intense negotiations, Coca-Cola insists on previous prices. Therefore, the Selecta machine operator prohibited part of the beverage range of approximately 8,000 machines.

In two varieties and bottle of 0.5 liters

While other vendors are around and offer small bottles of Coca-Cola reluctantly or stocked in the gray market, Coop now goes in another way and brings its own coke to the market: Happy Cola. Trademark protection has already been requested.

The drink will come on the shelves with "classic" and "zero" varieties. E in 0.5 liter bottles. Coop does not reduce its Coca-Cola bottles. The retro design of the bottle is impressive.

Happy Cola is made by a small Swiss producer, as Coop says on request. The price: 1.20 francs per bottle. For comparison: the normal Coca-Cola in the 0.45 liter bottle is available in Coop for CHF 1.35.

Coca-Cola Switzerland did not want to comment on the new Coop competition on request.

Since the end of April in stores

Coop is serious about Happy Cola. This shows the sports schedule. From the end of April, bottles will be available in the first stores. Since mid-May, then in every supermarket, Coop restaurants and also in Transgourmet wholesalers.

It is open as customers react. If you like the new queue? In any case, the price will hardly be Happy Cola flops.

Is there a problem with the name?

Coop is not the only company that uses the name "Happy Cola". Haribo uses it in the legendary bottles of fruit rubber glue. Does Coop take problems with Haribo's lawyers? "At first, we did not discuss the issues about brands," says a Haribo spokeswoman at Blick.

At Coop you think you're sure. "We tried different names and Happy Cola was the best. Of course, we have cleared out previously if the name can be used and according to our clarifications, nothing speaks against it," says a spokesman. There was no contact with Haribo in this respect.

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