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Fortnite – Registration: 8.3 million players at the same time

The Superbowl watches almost one billion people. Fortnite's 8.3 million players are not bad either.The Superbowl watches almost one billion people. Fortnite's 8.3 million players are not bad either.

What a phenomenal success? 8.3 million simultaneous players For a computer game, it shows the comparison with the Steam game distribution platform. Fortnite players are bigger than all the simultaneous players of all Steam games combined. The comparison, however, is only illustrative, since the 8.3 million summary of all platforms in which Fortnite is available, that is, PC, consoles and mobiles.

The information comes from colleagues from VG247, who have done with the Korean launch of Fortnite an interview with Epic Games Korea and will have the figures confirmed later by Epic Games.

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The comparison with Steam

In Steam, players simultaneously active in a game have fluctuated according to SteamDB in recent days between 1.5 and 4.7 millionwhile between 13 and 16 million were online. Fortnite already surpasses the gaming community in Steam by almost double.

If the Battle Royale shooter continues to grow like this, it is likely that you can overcome the same number of online Steam players in the future. If there is any statistics, how many Fidget Spinners 2017 were in circulation?

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Reasons for success

Jokes aside, Fortnite's success is not ultimately limited to (extraordinary) Popularity with new audiencesbut also due to smart marketing. With campaigns on a large scale and well choreographed in the game, Epic often announces major changes in the game world for weeks.

Not by expensive advertising, but by the creator increasingly clues of the game world (but sometimes the real world) scatters and watches players as they try to decode the puzzles. o Effect of viral spread Do the rest, all of a sudden they all talk about Fortnite again.

Outstanding athletes also express their passion for the multiplayer shooter, for example, incorporating movements known in their game goals celebrations. Facing success Guerrilla of marketing and outstanding support (even in Twitch) it is not surprising that Fortnite is the time phenomenon, as before.

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