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«I should get up faster»


EVZ coach Dan Tangnes (40) has a very clear opinion about the stroke of his American striker Garrett Roe (31).

ECC Roe over swallows reproach

«You will sleep easily»

Garrett Roe is covered by a sharp whistle at the PostFinance Berne Stadium while remaining twisted after a SCB defense check-in, Beat Gerber (minute 37). Viewers come in the video cube again and again that the ECC's foreigner is touched in action while in the lower part of the leg, but for falls too theatrical.

Only 54 seconds later, Roe moves to the prison box, to make a wound. Although he is also beaten by the whipping of Ramon Untersanders, he hits him when the stick comes out of his hands. But again, the reaction of the boy of 31 years is a bit exaggerated when he shakes his hand with a sore face.

Punishment on the next scene? Tangnes: «Karma»

This could be an expensive minute for him if the association credits buses. Roe himself says among other things (see previous video): "In the end emotional things happen."

His trainer, Dan Tangnes, finds lighter words, especially about Gerber's action: "Should Garrett get up faster? Absolutely. It was a punishment? Absolutely." And, in general, to the rigors of the fall: "There is no place In hockey for players who suddenly look like epileptic fish just to get a penalty. "

Ese Roe just one minute later for his plays, EVZ's trainer was classified succinctly as "Karma." Swallows and pretending a shortage are not things that are proud of. "Nobody should," says Tangnes. The club also does not want to see this, says the Norwegian, who now expects Roe to be the target of provocation in the following duels.

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