Tuesday , January 19 2021

Junglenker (18) BMW scrap in Eiken AG

A BMW and a Toyota fail on Sunday afternoon in Aargau violently. Two people must be transferred to the hospital later.

For this maneuver, the young pilot paid a lot of learning: in Eiken AG on Sunday night, a boy of 18 years with his BMW hurt violently.

It is only before 20.30 hours when the young man drives his car to Laufenburgerstrasse in the direction of Laufenburg AG. He understands that he is wrong and tries to turn the street.

During the maneuver, the vehicle crashes laterally: front with a well-directed red Toyota.

The young driver and his passenger had to be transferred to the hospital for control after the sharp fall. The damage of the property of about 60,000 francs arose in the cars, according to the Cantonal Police of Aargau. (Cat)

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