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Monica Gubser died

Only with more than 70 years changed from theater to film: actress Monica Gubser. Now the Swiss have died at age 88.


Monica Gubser is dead. Solothurn, known for films like "The Autumn Time Lost" or "The Last Pointe", died on Wednesday at age 88, while Gubser's son Camille Derron confirmed Thursday the request for Keystone-SDA.

At the beginning, "" reported on the death of the actress, whose health had worsened after an infection last week.

More than a year ago, Gubser celebrated one of the most important moments of his long cinematographic and theatrical career: he was nominated for the Swiss Film Award for his performance in the film by Rolf Lyssy "Die letzte Pointe." However, the award went to his younger generation companion, Luna Wedler ("Blue My Mind").

In the tragicomedy "The Last Pointe" Gubser played an old lady who wants to take euthanasia because she is afraid of dementia. The film was the latest work by director Lyssy ("The Swiss maker").

It was late for the movie

Monica Gubser's path was not necessarily predetermined: after his training at the Zurich theater school, he spent a short time in the theater room, before dedicating himself to his three children and to the Gastbetrieb family.

It was not until the 1980s when Solothurner returned to the stage, for example at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich, at the Biel-Solothurn Theater or in the Basel Theater.

But the big blow was not until 2006: after his participation in the "Lüthi & Blanc" television series, Gubser received his first role in Die Herbstzeitlosen. The comedy of Bettina Oberli on four women who brought a sensation to a town with her lingerie business has become one of the most successful Swiss films ever.

For Gubser, the engagement led to other roles: he played in "Liebe und Zufall" by Fredi M. Murer (2014), "Heidi" (2015), "Der grosse Sommer" (2016) by Stefan Jäger or in "The last blow "In 2017, Gubser, along with his acting partner Heidi Maria Glössner, with whom he performed several times together on stage or in front of the camera, received the Life Achievement Award from the Armin Ziegler Foundation.

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