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Samsung Galaxy S10: The new smart phone has a new spectacular feature

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was introduced in San Francisco. In the ticker for "Unpacking Samsung Event 2019" you will find all the news about Samsung's latest flagship.

  • Samsung introduces the new flagship S10.
  • 4K front camera and a triple camera.
  • The high technology in ceramics and stainless steel is competing with Apple's iPhoneX.
  • The "Samsung Unpacked Event 2019" also featured the first folding smartphone of the South Korean company: the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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Samsung Fold more expensive than the iPhone XS – but with sensational function

Update 21.2.2019, 12.27 clock: The Fold is an "exclusive luxury device," said Samsung Manager Justin Denison. "You can watch a Hawaiian YouTube video, chat with your friend and search for journeys at the same time," said Denison.

For Galaxy Fold, analysts like Avi Greengart of Techsponential now expect sales to remain modest this year. However, Samsung now has a "slight look" in the repertoire, he said. The flip phone is "the device for gadget lovers," said Bob O & D; Donnell of Technalysis Research.

Samsung is trying to "have something exciting for early adopters while refreshing the reach that people really buy," said Greengart.

The prices that have it all – this is what the Samsung Galaxy S10 costs

21:34: If all the new features of the new smartphone from Samsung have encouraged you so much that you now want to grow one of the featured phones, we summarize the prices for you again: Samsung Galaxy S10 (partner's link) costs 128 gigabytes. Variant 899 euros, in the version of 512 GB even 1149 euros. The Galaxy S10 + is available for 999 euros (6 GB of RAM / 128 GB), respectively 1249 euros (8 GB of RAM / 512 GB) and 1499 euros (12 GB of RAM / 1 TB). Relatively, the Galaxy S10E is a bargain, costs "only" € 779 (6 GB of RAM / 128 GB).

21:26: Of course, you can not miss birthday anniversary compliance for Samsung's 10th anniversary. Even the CEO of Telekom, Tim Höttges, sends a short video message.

21:23: In the summer, the Galaxy S10 5G will go to the super fast 5G radio.

Video: Galaxy S10 – this is the new Samsung pride

Samsung presents "Galaxy Watch Active", "Galaxy Buds" and "Galaxy Fit"

Clock 21.11: The new smart watch "Galaxy Watch Active" and the "Fit Galaxy Fit" watch also have Samsung on offer.

21.08 clock: Elina Vives, Samsung's Senior Marketing Director, introduces Samsung's new headphones. The Galaxy Buds Wireless!

Clock 21.04: Now it's off: as of March 8, Samsung's new flagship will be available.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 (left) with the Samsung Galaxy S10 (right).

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20:59: In the speech of Drew Blackard, a superlative pursues the next one. The Galaxy S10 is, among other things, the first smart phone compatible with "Wi-Fi 6".

20:53: In addition, the storage space of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is huge: "Laptop storage space without a laptop," said Samsung Drew Blackard's product marketing director.

DJ Koh thanks to the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri.

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20.50 clock: Samsung has brought more boosts on board: the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, enters the stage. Announces: There will be an Instagram mode for the camera.

Video feature of the new Galaxy S10 full of superlatives

20:47: In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first smartphone that records with HDR10 + and therefore offers particularly strong contrasts.

20.45 clock: The video feature must be unique. By collaborating with Adobe, "Adobe Premiere Rush CC" should be an especially good and easy video editing.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Ultra Wide camera

20:37: Now the ultra-long 16 MP camera is introduced.

20:35: Although the foldable Fold Galaxy can hardly be overcome, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also described with gigantic superlatives. The screen has the most accurate color resolution of all time. And the ultrasound digital scanner on the screen makes unlocking the smartphone easier than ever.

Video: this is Samsung's new folding smartphone

20.30: Now the Galaxy S10 is presented. DJ Koh is proud of his hand. It will enter into three versions in the market: the Galaxy S10, the premium version Galaxy S10 + and the cheapest Galaxy S10e.

20:26: The head of South Korea, DJ Koh, continues to highlight the benefits of the Galaxy Fold on stage.

8:18 p. M .: The Galaxy Fold will be available as of April 26. Denison points out that the Galaxy Fold makes it easier to navigate Google Maps and watch Netflix. The displayed diagonal display is 7.3 inches.

Samsung Galaxy double shock with the price: more expensive than the iPhone XS

8:15 p.m .: Now it's clear: the folding phone will cost $ 80.00. It's not a business … For comparison: the iPhone XS costs "only" € 1149.00.

20:12: Samsung Galaxy Fold is a real cracker: The smart phone is foldable! It will come in the silver, yellow and blue colors on the market. The color of the articulated joint should be able to select the user.

Denison introduces the first folding Samsung phone

20:06: Enter the new Galaxy Fold. Denison introduces the high-tech device. Visually, it looks a bit like a mini ipad.

20:04: Justin Denison enters the scene.

8:00 PM: Welcome to our live ticker! Come on! The well-covered Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is bathed in dark blue light, the applause is heard.

19.59 clock: Unusually many details about the Samsung Galaxy S10 have leaked in advance. However, the hope remains that Samsung has lists of new surprises ready.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Start or "Samsung Unpacked Event 2019"

19.50 clock: The tension increases! In ten minutes, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. For the tenth anniversary of Samsung, an event full of highlights is expected.

7:00 pm watch: Start at an hour: Samsung's new flagship will be presented live in San Francisco at the great unpacked Samsung event. In our newsletter keep us updated on all the features of the new smartphone, which is to make Apple's iPhoneX competition.

Update at 12:02: Yesterday, "Slashleaks" released an official Samsung announcement for the new Galaxy S10 series. In it, the Korean smartphone maker introduces some of the new features. Among other things, the digital printing sensor and the impressive performance of the camera. However, the ad is in Norwegian. We will show you in the video anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Today 20 watches are waiting for it to end

At 8 in the evening tonight it's finally time. Samsung Galaxy celebrates its tenth anniversary and costs no cost on its new flagship S10, S10 Plus and S10e.

From San Francisco, California, Samsung will present its new smartphones to the world. Despite numerous leaks we must wait for some surprises. From 20 clock we live here.

Samsung Galaxy S10: camera evolution and noble design

Munich: the flagship of Samsung's new smartphone will come out in a few days: the Galaxy S10. Among other things, it should attract customers interesting features of the front camera and a revised rearview mirror. Next, we answer the most important questions and summarize the latest rumors for you.

Samsung Galaxy S10: when will the new smartphone appear?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will do, according to the media February 20, 2019 presented In recent years, the company's last flagship has always been presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. But for the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S series, Samsung decided to organize a separate event – this time in San Francisco, California.

Samsung Galaxy S10: The latest rumors

Samsung will show the public three different models: the Galaxy S10that Galaxy S10 + just like that Galaxy S10E, a cheaper version of the figure of the South Korean company. There are rumors that the first two models come with Triple camera to the market while that Galaxy S10E "only" of a double camera you have to show

The special one: o The Galaxy S10's front camera disappears in a small hole behind the screentall Gizmo China they should be able to record these videos in 4K and with 60 frames per second. In addition, an optical image stabilizer (OIS) Wackler prevents.

Otherwise, Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10E have characteristics similar to their predecessors of the S9 series.

Does it look like the back of the new Samsung Galaxy S10?

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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10E: in what sizes and colors are available?

how computer image Informed, there are the new devices in the following sizes: the Samsung Galaxy S10E with one 5.75 inch diagonal screen, or Galaxy S10 with 6.11 inches and with the Galaxy S10 Plus 6.44 inchesAs with the Galaxy S9, the screens will cover almost the entire front again. Only in the upper and lower part is a visible narrow frame.

The new smartphones will probably be in three colors: Black, white and greenIt is interesting that the back (see model in the mother of white pearl, shown in the product image) ceramics it should exist. In addition, Samsung continues this year For the first time in a stainless steel frame, If the South Korean company guided Apple's iPhone X?

Samsung Galaxy S10: what does it cost?

If you want to get one of the new Galaxy S10 models, you have to dig in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S10 costs 128 gigabytes of 899 euros, for the device with 512 GB screaming 1149 euros. The 10 more are available for 999 Euros (6 GB of RAM / 128 GB), 1249 Euros (8 GB of RAM / 512 GB) and 1499 Euros (12 GB of RAM / 1 TB).

If you want to save some money, but you still do not want to give up a Samsung phone, the best for 779 euros (6 GB of RAM / 128 GB) for the Galaxy S10E.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S10 – new information and rumors

Samsung is causing a decline in demand for smart phones

The decline in the demand for smartphones and the increased competition in the industry are increasingly provoking market leaders in Samsung. The surplus fell by 31 percent to 8.46 billion won (6.6 million euros), according to the technology company.

In the segment of mobile communications and IT, Samsung hopes to improve revenue despite the decline in sales of smart phones. The group expects, among other things, the launch of the new flagship Galaxy S10, which will be presented in February and the launch of the 5G trade service in South Korea. Above all, the new mobile standard brings higher data rates. "Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 … in San Francisco next month, and it is expected that the new insignificant smartphone model will increase sales and business in the coming months."

Recently, Samung coach Mario Winter relied on the business of smart phones: "2019 will be a good year for smart phones," he said. Next year, however, it will be a challenge for manufacturers to differentiate their products from those of the competition. "It is difficult for the customer to find differences between the models".

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