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Several award-winning regional leaders

Born in Deggendorf Peter Knogl has been the head of the restaurant since 2007

Born in Deggendorf, Peter Knogl was the head of the "Cheval Blanc" restaurant in Basel since 2007. -F .: dpa

Born in Deggendorf, Peter Knogl was the head of the "Cheval Blanc" restaurant in Basel since 2007. -F .: dpa

For restaurateurs an award from the "Gault & Millau" restaurant guide is a great honor. Several heads of the region are also honored this year.

Every year, apart from the head of the year, they receive other prizes. Below is the best German boss abroadWith this title, the native Niederbayer Peter Knogl (60) can decorate, which offers in Basel with the "Cheval Blanc (by Peter Knogl)" the absolute highest cuisine. The restaurant, which also has three Michelin stars, is part of the Grand Hotel "Les Trois Rois". Knogl's successful recipe is also rooted in its beginnings: the farm in Rohrmünz, where it grew, the grandparents' inn in Osterhofen (both districts of Deggendorf) and a good education at the Hotel Schmaus in Viechtach (Lkr. "I firmly believe that people in the field have more power than others, "Knogl revealed once in the PNP conversation.

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In Bavaria, in the opinion of the international gourmet guide "Gault & Millau" in 139 restaurants, excellent food. As shown by the current edition of the restaurant guide for 2019, this year tried to testers nationwide to Christian Jürgens in the best "route" in Rottach-Egern. The boss, according to testers "a reckless illusionist," the "depth of the classic flavor with optical seduction joins" – was in Bavaria for eight years at the top and was again ranked 19.5 out of 20 possible points. Only seven other heads of Germany reached this maximum value.

The testers chose Christoph Rainer, 44, who works in the restaurant "Luce d" Oro "in Elmau (district of Garmisch-Patenkirchen) as a beginner of the year, in addition to his" most beautiful dish of dead life "was the Its sense of "the perfect harmony of the dishes" The chef, who has its roots in French cuisine, received 18 points.

Also Chiemgauer, Berchtesgadener and Altöttinger among the best bosses

Five chefs from Munich also scored 18 points: Bobby Bräuer of "Ess.Zimmer", Martin Fauster of "Königshof", Hans Haas of "Tantris", Jan Hartwig of "Atelier", Tohru Nakamura of "Werneckhof by Geisel". In Nuremberg, Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech did the "Essigbrätlein". As a newcomer, Christoph Kunz, 33, was awarded, who scored 17 points immediately in the "Alois" restaurant in Munich.

The residence of Heinz Winkler in Aschau in Chiemgau (district of Rosenheim) and "Cena" in Munich by Alfons Schuhbeck, who was previously responsible for the kitchen at the "Kurhausstüberl" in Waging am See (Traunstein district), also achieved a strong 17 points . With 16 points, Le Ciel in Berchtesgaden is in the winners, as well as the Huberwirt in Pleiskirchen (Altötting district). The Johanns Restaurant in Waldkirchen (Freyung-Grafenau district) also creates 16 points.

The "Gault & Millau Restraunt Guide" is published annually. In total, 164 restaurants in Bavaria have been described and evaluated in the current subject. Of these, 139 received one or more cook's hats for good extra food. While 15 restaurants were eliminated as "very boring", 38 young people arrived at the guide. 13 were rated higher and six lower. – dpa / pnp

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