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The speed camera of the A1 flees each driver

On the A1 freeway near Wil, a speed camera on Tuesday morning shone all and all. Due to a kams signaling for the failure.

Many car drivers were surprised: anyone on the A1 freeway near Wil on Tuesday morning was scintillating. It does not matter if you have 80 or 140 km / h in it.

Reason for the storm: signaling of a construction site. Because in a forest behind the Forstarbeiten road a signal with intermittent lights in the Pannenstreifen took place. Right next to the lightning cats. «The intermittent yellow lights probably disturbed the measurement sensor. He spoke falsely that a fast car arrived, "says Florian Schneider, media spokesman for the cantonal police at St.Gallen on FM1Today." That's why it was more or less unfocused. "

In social networks, the fast-paced speed camera quickly became a topic. A Facebook user speculated in a group: "It is verified, if it is tied up". Another user suspected a general control to expose the sinners of the mobile phone. But the spokesman of Kapo, Schneider, weighs: "The corner of St. Gallen never shines caution, but only to pay the speed."

«Of course, no one is kissing, that it was not too fast»

The fright of the flash lasted about two hours. The signage was installed at 7.30 hours. When the first report on the wild-velocity camera was received by the cantonal emergency center at 9:20 p.m., they reacted immediately, says Schneider. Shortly after the clock 9.30 the error was corrected. If the lightning bolt over the two hours entered into a fake Steer car, or just for a few minutes, Kapo St. Gallen can not say yet.

I'm afraid of a bus ticket but you should not have correct driving gear. "Of course, no one is rescued, it was not too fast," Schneider promises to local radio. Even those who did not wear a seatbelt or used a smartphone were punished. But if you really travel too fast, you can still wait to publish.

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