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The Zurich Museum of Design is taking care of with federal financial aid – News of Zurich: Region

o Museum of Design In March 2017, the Federal Government requested the financing of operating costs of 500,000 francs per year of financing, which amounted to 2.5 million francs. However, the Federal Office of Culture rejected the request.

Now the museum also appeared in court. Note that the design criteria have been applied correctly. The Federal Office implemented a system change in 2018. Prior to that, it supported seven museums with annual contributions. Recently, the operating contributions were awarded based on a public tender.

The crucial criteria are a national charisma, a unique collection of high cultural value and an innovative mediation work. The 13 institutions receive a contribution from the Department of Culture.

Judgment B-5798/2017 of 24.10.2018 (Meg / sda)

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