Monday , February 24 2020
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Töff-Raser (21) with 146 km / h shone in Tegerfelden AG

A Swiss was the Aargau cantonal police on the net. I was out of town with 146 km / h on the road. Now it threatens to imprison 21 years of age.

A Swiss (21) flopped with his Töff na Würenlingerstrasse. He pressed correctly on the gas, headed at about 146 km / h instead of those allowed at 80 km / h in the direction of Tegerfelden AG.

There he went to the traffic control of the Aargau cantonal police. The Töff-Raser had to deliver his ticket and motorcycle to the place.

Because it took 62km / h too fast after deducting the extra-tolerant legal city, the police now turned the prosecutor.

This now determines the violation of Raser article, as the Aargau cantonal police writes in a message. The Swiss threatened her between one and four years behind bars. (HI)

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