Friday , June 18 2021

Trilogy Trine released for Nintendo Switch

Co TrineFrozenbyte caused a sensation. The Knobel platform game goes to the fourth round next year, after the third episode with fanatics and critics turned out worse than the two predecessors. If you've lost games so far, you can catch up on the Nintendo Switch.

Immediately it is Trine Enchanted Edition available for Nintendo Switch. In the game, a warrior, a wizard and a thief travel together, solving puzzles and fighting enemies with their unique abilities. If you have two friends, you can go on the adventure together. also Trine 2: Director's Cut Will be published soon for Nintendo Switch, an appointment is still pending. Trine 3: The artifacts of power It will complete the package and it will not only appear for the first time in a console of Nintendo, but it crosses new directions thanks to 3D environments.

Marco Lipke

When their parents gave Little Boy to Game Boy, they did not know what he would do. Nowadays each game has to be interpreted by him, by very good or bad. Now he tries to live his passion as a news writer on PS-NOW – the music is planned.

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