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After half a year, 95 exempt from lead will return 2 prefixes – Zhongshi News

95 lead-free to return to prefix "2". International oil continued to fall. According to the fluctuating oil price mechanism, the price of gasoline and diesel will drop between 0.6 and 0.7 yuan next week. This is the fifth drop in oil prices. The sales price of 95 unleaded petrol for the main petroleum products dropped from 30 yuan to 29.3 ~ 29.4 yuan. After half a year, he finally returned to the prefix "2".

0.6 to 0.7 yuan per liter

The last time the 95 unleaded petrol was 2 words, it was May 13. After that, the price of international oil remained high and the price always exceeded the 3 ways. CNPC also initiated the freeze mechanism in October to stabilize the price of oil. However, the commercial war drags the global economy. With the weakening of market demand and excess supply of crude oil, and the low season of oil use in the fall and winter, the international price of crude oil has decreased. , a decrease of 4.1%.

According to the fluctuating oil price mechanism, the reduction of gasoline and diesel fuel is at least 0.6 yuan, and there is a possibility of reaching 0.7 yuan. In general, a small passenger car with 50-liter tank can save 30 to 35 yuan. Also from October 22, the price of domestic petroleum travels five consecutive weeks, the accumulated decline of almost 2 yuan.

However, the CNPC believes that, although Trump wants OPEC to reduce production, these countries will not be able to listen to it. Therefore, the international price of crude oil will remain between US $ 70-75, that is, the price of petroleum in the short term may fall again, but still in the long run.

The bus has about 35 yuan

In addition, after petroleum free lead-free petroleum products failed (the copper test exceeded the standard), the outside world considers that oil performance from oil performance will be affected. However, CNPC released the market share of petroleum products in October, indicating that China National Petroleum Corporation had 82.1%, which was flat compared to 81.9% in September. This shows that customers have not lost the Formosa Plastics system and the public still has confidence in it.

China Petroleum spokesman Fang Zhenren said that in October this year the domestic petrol market sold 759,000 metric tons, 12.4% less than in September. China National Petroleum Corporation also lost 12.2%, but other sales of the industry fell 13.2% more. Subsequent oil prices should continue to increase due to the fall in oil prices.

(China Times)

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