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Agreement of experts from environmentalists affirmed Lin Jialong's environmental policy | Zhong Zhangtou | NOWnews News today

Environmentalists have confirmed Lin Jialong's environmental protection policy
National environmental protection scholars and experts have signed and confirmed the environmental protection of Lin Jialong in the city of Taichung over the past four years (Photo / Liu Rongjun photo 2018.11.16)

A group of environmental experts and scholars who worried about Taiwan's environmental problems took place today at a press conference at the Changrong Hotel in Taichung City (16th century). Researchers and experts from 96 national environmental protection fields have registered and confirmed the environmental protection of Lin Jialong in the city of Taichung for the past four years. They pointed out that, although most scholars and experts try not to make political statements, "air pollution" has become a topic in the election campaign this year. Because the field of environmental protection is a professional science, people are often induced by unilateral information errors. At present, scholars and experts believe it is necessary for the public to understand the real situation.

There are 14 promoters of this company, including Wang Jinkun, Lin Zixian, Lin Mingrui, Hong Zhengzhong, Shi Xinmin, Zhuang Shunxing, Zhang Zheming, Chen Wenfu, Chen Binghuang, Chen Honglie, Liao Yien, Liao Yongbai, Cai Chunjin and Lu Chongxing. They cover seven universities in the central and nearby areas. Environmental Protection Alliance of Taiwan, Society of Environmental Protection of the Republic of China, Association of Environmental Justice of Taiwan. As of the date of (15), there were experts and experts from 96 national environmental protection fields that participate in the company.

Experts and environmental experts have pointed out in a press conference that Taiwan's environmental problems need to seek solutions of various aspects such as technology, policies, regulations, and economics. In view of the environmental protection administration of the Taichung city government team in the last four years, the city of Taichung is separate In addition to the prizes of several prizes for environmental protection, many pioneering initiatives have been created in the country. Such excellent performances saw the opportunity for environmental improvement in the city of Taichung. Therefore, experts in environmental protection scholarship agree that Mayor Lin Jialong is a brave company. The head pragmatically confronts the spirit of serious environmental problems, deserves admiration and affirmation.

Zhang Zheming, former director of the Environmental Protection Society of the Republic of China, said that during the economic takeoff phase, Taiwan's construction was due to the impact of industrial development on the environment, leading to environmental pollution and ecological damage. In recent years, the health risks of Chinese have been caused by air pollution problems. It continues to grow. However, during his four-year term, Mayor Lin Jialong was very careful and pragmatic in solving environmental problems. In addition to leading the coal reduction requirement, it set a clear time for carbon reduction and emission reduction and advised medium and large companies to change coal boilers. Natural gas burning, promoting green transportation, which coordinates the 100 most important sources of pollution with dumping during the period of air pollution, greatly improving the average PM2.5 concentration below the national average of 20.5 micrograms . Academic circles believe Mayor Lin Jialong has made the unprecedented efforts of counties and cities in the past.

Dr. Shi Xinmin, president of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Alliance, said that the Taiwan Environmental Protection Alliance has existed for 31 years since its establishment. For a long time he has been involved in antinuclear prevention and protection campaigns and oversaw the efforts of all counties and municipalities in environmental protection. In addition to the environmental policy and the results of the implementation of the municipal and municipal governments, the environmental monitoring data of all the counties and cities has been included in the evaluation.

Through full testing of specialists and specialists throughout the country, the Taichung city government has achieved excellent results in environmental protection. He won 5A in 2015 and won the qualification A in 2016 and 2017. He is the only county in the country that receives the highest qualification for three consecutive years. Affirming the municipal team led by Mayor Lin Jialong over the past four years, they have the capacity, strength and execution.

Professor Zhuang Bingjie, the national air pollution authority, said that from the data obtained by the EPA control station, the efforts of the Taichung city government in air pollution, data from 100 years to 107 years in the Republic of China showed that violent explosions took place. The number of days with a value greater than 71 μg decreased from 112 days in 100 years to 24 days in 106 years. Every year from September to March and April of next year, it is the worst season in air pollution and this year is the first wave of red damage since the beginning of autumn. The empty products in Taichung City must reach the national standard of 15 micrograms, which is just around the corner.

Professor Zhuang Bingjie said that the environmental problems accumulated in recent decades are complicated and can be improved overnight. In fact, domestic pollution not only contributes to fixed sources of pollution. The sources of mobile pollution are closer to people's lives and their impact can not be underestimated. In this part, we also saw the strategy of Lin Jialong City in green transportation, which reduced the risk that people were exposed to cellular contamination.

Professor Cai Chunjin, a national environmental control expert, said that control of air pollution is not based on feelings and slogans. It can be exchanged in the blue sky and in the air. A wise leader must balance the economy, health, life and environmental ecology of the people. Using scientific methods and techniques to find the lowest impact on all levels, the Bank's implementation, stating that Mayor Lin Jialong has been in environmental protection for the past four years and hopes that the future mayor will be able to continue with the environmental protection policy of so that Taichung will be reborn completely. The nightmare of air pollution has become a low-carbon city that is praised throughout the country.

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