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TeslaCEO Musk announced to the staff that the "professional production line" could build 1,000 electric vehicles per day. He also revealed that he has acquired a truck company to solve the "hell of delivery logistics" problem by extending the capacity, so that orders from Model 3 in the United States before the end of this month may be sent before the end of the anus.

Musk sent a letter to the staff on the 15th, saying that he would travel through the production line Model 3 on November 27 and 28 and all battery assembly lines for the whole vehicle must be able to withstand 1,000 units per day.

Musk said: "If you can not reach it, let me know as soon as possible so it can help solve it," he said in another letter. Tesla must continue producing 1,000 Models 3 per week in the coming weeks. To achieve a solid financial season, and then continue to increase production in early 2019, as the company began shipping to Europe and Asia. "

Tesla earned a unexpected profit in the last quarter, mainly due to a breakthrough in the capacity of model 3. Musk said last month that he believes that with a small capital expense, he can make 7,000 vehicles per week, but he does not mention the calendar.

Musk also said on Twitter on the 15th that Tesla "has just got trucks to ensure that the Model 3 that was ordered before November 30 can be delivered on December 31." "We acquired several transport companies, and signed a contract with a major car dealer to avoid the lack of capacity in the last season." He pointed out that compared to the railroad, the use of trucks to transport to the east coast of the United States could save more than one month.

Musk also said part of the delivery of the China model 3 will be carried out in March next year, but it is more true in April.

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