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Hello Unfortunately Linyuan as Taoyuan Quick removal of texts by Chen Xuesheng | Policy | NOWnews News today

Chen Xuesheng
▲ 糗! Malicious Linyuan as Taoyuan Chen Xuesheng quickly eliminated the acid explosion of the text network (Figure / flip of "I am Lieutenant", information from NOWnews, 2019.02.28)

The petrochemical plant of the Linyuan industrial zone in the city of Kaohsiung, the fire was fired at 5 o'clock on the 28th day (30). The fire was fierce. Even the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung Donggang could see the black smoke and the fire. Four injured and sent to the hospital. However, the Kuomintang legislator, Chen Xuesheng, distributed the news tonight, but "confused Linyuan as a Taoyuan," so many netizens were lying down.

Chen Xuesheng released a fire alarm in the Linyuan industrial zone on Facebook at night, but the PO article "There's a fire in Taoyuan." Perhaps it was a reflection of the "Linyuan" in the city of Kaohsiung.

Since Chen Xuesheng is the current Taoyuan legislator, the elections on December 9 last year also represented the Kuomintang in the mayor of Taoyuan. Although the text was deleted shortly after the PO text, the incident still caused the netizens to be discussed and there were fast Internet users who took screenshots of the publication. Ask Chen Xuesheng: "Is there anything?" This garden is stupid and clear. "When Linyuan was heading to Taoyuan, is not the place where his wheel is suppressed? Does Linyuan have no problem?" "Of course, I do not live in it". Taoyuan was certified. "

Taoyuan Town Counselor, Wang Haoyu and "I'm a Lieutenant" also posted a screenshot of the publication. The first criticized, "Are you really the current lieutenant of the legislature? Did you really choose the mayor of Taoyuan? Nominate this type of Taoyuan fundamentally Those who do not know, as long as the color is correct, will be chosen. Does the Kuomintang really treat the lieutenant As an idiot? "The latter is sour." The original "Linyuan" is in "Taoyuan." I thought it was in Kaohsiung. "

▲ (Figure / Flip by Wang Haoyu Facebook, 2019.02.28)

In this regard, netizens also responded: "I want to get 6666666 in Hetaoyuan," "I do not know if he will be defeated in Taoyuan and will lose the election." "Do you really understand Taoyuan?" "I could not avoid this when I was in the first election, but I know a lot about it." "I really regret not voting for Mr. Chen. He is very anxious. I think that after taking over several years, up to 101 will be in Taoyuan" .

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