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Hong Kong Sai Yu Yu only double mixed promotion for the semifinals He Bingjiao injured in a wheelchair to exit – Hong Kong Sina

He Bingjiao hurt in a wheelchair

The time of Hong Kong on November 16, the World Badminton World Tour Hong Kong Open of 2018 finished the quarterfinals, the Chinese team only obtained one of the four best qualifications of the project. Wang Shulu / Huang Dongping won the three rounds of the fierce battle and entered the mixed doubles. Bingjiao pulled his foot in a wheelchair and lost the woman's semifinal. Guo Yu also lost the semi-finals in masculine and feminine doubles.

The simple Chinese women were completely annihilated. He Bingjiao faces the South Korean star Cheng Chi, the first game, He Bingjiao, led by 5 to 2, but Cheng Chi responded quickly to the tie. After 8 draws, the group became increasingly valuable, and scored consecutively to open the lead, between 21 and 13, went to the next city. In the second game, the group was forced to force after 5 draws, and scored 4 points to open the score. Bingjiao recovered 1 point, and Cheng Chi took the opportunity to score 7 points to take 16 to 7. The Bingjiao persisted from 11 to 17 years and Cheng Chi struck 2 points to stabilize the situation. At this moment, He Bingjiao hit his feet and fell to the floor with pain. After the doctor entered the inspection, El Bingjiao reluctantly retired. He left the stadium in a wheelchair. With the death of He Bingjiao, the simple women of Guoyu were eliminated in the Hong Kong Open.

In other quarters of the season, Dai Ziying reversed Marin's victory for Spain by 2-1 (18:21, 21: 9, 21:14). Indanon from Thailand was 2-0 (21 to 9). 21 to 16) When eliminating Yamaguchi from Japan, Aohara hopes to defeat Joe Chuwon from Thailand 2 to 1 (from 21 to 12, from 16 to 21, from 21 to 6). In the semifinal, Dai Ziying played against Aoyuan and Cheng Chi and Indunong faced.

In both mixed quarters, Wang Yilu / Huang Dongping and Jordan / Okta Viandi fought for 53 minutes and played three games. Wang Haolu / Huang Dongping took 2 to 1 (21 to 14, 14 to 21, 21). 14) Win. In the semifinal, Wang Shulu / Huang Dongping will face Puvala Nukoro / Taratanacha from Thailand. The other semifinal is Watanabe Yongda / Tono Yoshizai from Japan against Li Yang / Xu Yaqing from Chinese Taipei.

In the quarterfinals of the two doubles, He Jizhen / Tan Qiang resisted for 38 minutes and then lost seed No. 4 of Jiacun Jianshi / Yodada from Japan. The double of the Chinese women also lost the semifinals. Du h / Li Yinhui lost to Polly / Lahayo n. No. 4 in Indonesia after a 56-minute battle with 0-2 (21:23, 15:21).


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