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Hu Ge likes and wins the Golden Horse Wine Party "Important" only says this phrase Entertainment | NOWnews News today

▲ Earl Ambassador Hu Ge. (Photo / reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)
▲ Earl Ambassador Hu Ge. (Photo / reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)

The 55th Golden Horse Prize was held at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on the night of the 17th. The Gold Wine Festival was held tonight (16). The "Fei Bixi Award for International Film Criticism" was won by "Blizzard is coming," "The Golden Horse Awards voted for the best movie. The award was won by" The Elephant Sit on the Ground "and" Counter " Annual Excellence Award "was won by" Hello, China. "

Hu Ge, the Earl Ambassador, also appeared on this evening at the Golden Horse Wine Party. I did not expect to leave the scene in a hurry. He did not accept the media interview. He only sent a phrase: "I presented the movie to me (" Hello, China "). Ok." Then he did it and left the scene immediately, regardless of the media voice, showing the style of Hu Ge.

▲ Earl Ambassador Hu Ge. (Photo / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16) "width =" 3648 "height =" 5472 "class =" size-full wp-image-3073168 "srcset =" /uploads/2018/11/1542368697-3989f05677a6d5b1c63ea2cd359e0b27.jpg 3648w, 200w, https://www.nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542368697-3989f05677a6d5b1c63ea2cd359e0b27-768x1152.jpg 768w, 683w , 696w, 1342w, 1068w, Content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542368697-3989f05677a6d5b1c63ea2cd359e0b 280w, size: 3648px
▲ Hu Ge Flash Golden Horse Wine Party. (Photo / reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)

Director Dong Yuexiao, who won the "Feeby Prize for International Film Criticism," said: "I'm very happy and happy. In fact, I was a little confused. I still have not done it, but I've known him very soon. The prizes, Featured predecessors of films have won this award, this is an initial statement for a director, especially happy. "

As for the leader of actor Duan Qihong, he also said that he thanks the director's obsession with the drama. I hope the director has good results tomorrow. It is also difficult to interpret this role at this time. He believes that he is not a difficult actor. I would like to announce the director. Give a little more information and give you space to imagine the program.

▲ The winner of the international filmmaker Feibisi's prize "Blizzard is about to come". (Photo / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16) "width =" 4524 "height =" 3155 "class =" size-full wp-image-3073160 "srcset =" /uploads/2018/11/1542368266-7e5865759008ed18076c79553b2470cf.jpg 4524w, 300w, https://www.nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542368266-7e5865759008ed18076c79553b2470cf-768x536.jpg 768w, 1024w , 100w, 142w, Content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542368266-7e5865759008ed18076c79553b2470cf-1392x 971.jpg 1392w, 11 / 1542368266-7e5865759008ed18076c79553b2470cf-1068x745.jpg 1068w, https: // ww 2018/11 / 1542368266-7e5865759008ed18076c79553b2470cf-602x420.jpg 602w, .jpg 1204w "sizes =" (max-width: 4524px) 100vw, 4524px
▲ The winner of the international filmmaker Feibisi's prize "Blizzard is about to come". (Photo / reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)

"The Elephant Sit on the Ground" won the "Golden Horse Award for the Best Best Movie Award." Peng Yuchang, the actor, received the prize. He revealed that the late director Hu Bo gave him a piece of pure music before filming. Just talk about rehearsing. Reminiscing with the director in the past, Peng Yu laughed and said that both of them often drank Coke, and would ridicule themselves in the set.

As for the news of death of Hu Bo, will it be shocking? Peng Yuchang said he was very surprised at the filming of that day. He also said that the director is usually cheerful and cheerful. Like him, the ears of Peng Yuchang began to become red and was still full of mourning for the death of the director.

▲ Golden Horse is the most popular audience award "Elephant sit on the ground", the male leader Peng Yuchang. (Photo / Reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16) "width =" 5472 "height =" 3648 "class =" size-full wp-image-3073192 "srcset =" /uploads/2018/11/1542369258-9b760cb74cd96172cebc007afcfb4cf5.jpg 5472w, 300w, https://www.nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542369258-9b760cb74cd96172cebc007afcfb4cf5-768x512.jpg 768w, 1024w , 696w, 1542369258-9b760cb74cd96172cebc007afcfb4cf5-1392x928.jpg 1392w, 1068w, Content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542369258-9b760 cb74cd96172cebc007afcfb4cf5- 630x420.jpg 630w, 1260w "sizes =" (max-width: 5472px) 100vw, 5472px
▲ Golden Horse is the most popular audience award "Elephant sit on the ground", the male leader Peng Yuchang. (Photo / reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)

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