Saturday , April 17 2021

HYUNDAI KONA starts pre-sale! Two models of 919,000 yuan, equipped with the latest security system – Qimo Yahoo locomotive

HYUNDAI KONA, a new recreational vehicle, is a new generation of fashion style led by design director Luc Donckerwolk. He has won two prizes in designing the reddot Design and Design iF of 2018. The interior of the cabin is evaluated. For the best 20 interior design in 2018, the total distribution of Nanyang Industrial officially announced that HYUNDAI KONA will launch on November 29, the first of the line of domestic vehicles equipped with the most advanced security technology "HYUNDAI SmartSense", plus 1.6 liters The highly efficient turbo engine configuration and the DCT dual-clutch change system of 7 speeds reached the national SUV market.

From now on, HYUNDAI KONA is open for pre-sale and is available in four models of monochrome and two-color body painting. The pre-sale price is 191,000 yuan for the type of movement, 129,000 for double color, 119,000 for ultra-color and the best for both colors. 1,029 million.

KONA has a design of high definition split headlamp, a technology rich in 3C and a 4WD system that integrates a blocking device to capture any road condition. The turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder line can generate a maximum power of 177 feet and a peak of 27 kg power. Combined with the double speed 7-speed DCT gearbox, it can achieve acceleration performance from 0-100 km / h in 7.9 seconds. AHSS is made of advanced steel of high rigidity, which provides the best anti-buck medium and anti-noise.

KONA is equipped with the active safety technology "HYUNDAI SmartSense" for the first time and integrates the same DAW driving fatigue warning system, LDW lane scroll alert system, LKA lane compensation aid system, warning system of FCW front impact and FCA border stop assistance. BCW circumferential detection warning system, RCA lane change rear alert system, RCCW rear collision warning system; The whole vehicle is equipped with 6 SRS auxiliary airbags, Dynamic Dynamic Body Dynamic Stability System ESC / Dynamic Integrated Body Management System VSM, ATCC Curve Tracking Control System, Upward HAC Upgrade Help, DBC Downhill Assistance Support . From the carriage rigid body to active and passive safety technology, KONA has obtained the highest safety index in the EuroNCAP impact test of the global indicator and the US. UU. IIHS TOP Safety Pick +.

The new HYUNDAI KONA will be pre-sold as of November 16. The owner of the order will be ordered during the period prior to the seller on November 29. The exclusive V-Kool insulation paper was sent for 20,000 yuan. Contact HYUNDAI for more details. Exhibition center.

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