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I can not stand it, the former designer of D3 suggested "Adventure Chand" how to solve the treasure and design problem | 4Gamers

Many players and the long awaited BioWare Annual Masterpiece "Anthem" were not as good as public expectations after the announcement. It is not just an average of only 67 points. Even if there is a general assistant director of the Xbox, from the reaction of current players, I have to say that this is really a problem in the game and in the game mechanism. The situation in the first section of the copy has only been modified, and there were no improvements after the update.

Now, a partner affected by these problems spoke. The netizen, Travis Day, was a main designer of Diablo III and currently works for Dauntless. You are in Reddit. I shared a long article on the analysis of the anthem of adventure and some design ideas from the perspective of the players and designers.

Unclear affixes

Travis Day mentioned the problem of affixes for the first time. He believes that, although the adventurous anthem adds a secondary drawing, it also allows players to obtain different affixes by cutting them repeatedly, but it must be stricter to distinguish between "affixes" and "affixes literally useless" because these descriptions are quite easy to confuse with the players.

For example, if the legendary storm equipment, the "poisonous fire," add the Frost damage suffix, specific weapons and the damage bonus of a particular item, it is hard to judge literally if it is the right equipment. After all, there are many affixes in random forms that are simply useless for the element itself.

The attachments to the equipment are not regular at the moment, and there are often properties that are not in this element.

Travis Day believes that this situation can be significantly improved by limiting the proportion of certain affixes and limiting the fixed to only those types that have a practical effect on the element, so that the official can also maintain the diversity of the elements.

The risk is not proportional to the reward

The second problem is that there is no clear contrast between the risks and rewards of Adventure Hymn, including Travis Day, who has been involved in many games. This type of problem usually comes from the subjective difference between the designer and the player. For example, in terms of difficulty and loss rate, players and producers often have differences.

The ancient titan of the heart of anger is quite abnormal, but it is not worth it to defeat it.

But this problem is especially serious in Adventure song. Travis Day said he had courage for the first time and that it took him 30 minutes to kill the BOSS inspector. Compared to his time dedicated to my tyrant, the reward he came here was completely different from this hard work. Lining

Because the player will try to optimize his promotion route, the player will only repeat the first section of the tyrant's mine or the creation of the temple, which directly leads the player quickly tired of the game and it is difficult to feel the diversity of the game.

For some players, this game has become a tyrant farm.

In general, the solution of these two problems is not equal the difficulty of all copies, nor make clear the difficulty of copying and classifying the reward mechanism. He believes that the current "Chant Adventure" is because the amount of copies is very small, in the absence of clear rewards and the mechanism of rewards, but who want to assess the difficulty will cause such a dilemma.

Currently not suitable for exploring the game genre (Build)

And the previous situation will turn into a new problem. In general, players usually set a certain goal when they play such games, such as "I want to be a flaming giant" or "I want to be an ice storm" and the premise of this game. He is the player who can continue growing without deviating from the goal.

But in the current "Chant de adventures" you wanted to grow, there is no other way than to go back to the brush copy; after all, the current legendary team is "completely no" can be created and, secondly, because of the current game. The difficulty ranking is not really true. The difficulty of "difficulties" and "Zhong Shiyi" is quite different from the difficulty interval between "Zhong Shiyi" and "Zhong Shi Er". These two problems lead directly to players to choose shortcuts and move towards simple and quick brush methods. .

You want to configure your own Build is the normal state of this type of game, but the current design of the game is not apt for explorer Build

He suggested that in addition to adding different ways of allowing players to achieve "predictable growth", they should also add more configuration difficulties or adjustment difficulties by paying attention to "excessive rewards". The difference becomes clearer.

Of course, Travis Day said that these will not be known by the official staff, but from the line you may feel you are very passionate about this work and, in fact, point out the structural problems of this work. I hope at the end, Bioware can adopt these opinions and make adjustments instead of leaving a masterpiece that has become a classic sink.

"Anthem" was on sale on the PS4 platform, Xbox One, PC Origin on February 22, 2019 and "Xbox One S 1TB Anthem".

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