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IESF is the e-sports master's singer! Tian Hao is like a boy, cool new boss shell | NOWnews Today News

▲ (image / new head bark)
▲ (image / new head bark)

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The 2018 IESF World Championship (10th 2018 World Sport) was held on November 9, 10 and 11 at the Kaohsiung Giants Modern Stadium. After the first day of Xiao Jingteng, Matzka, on August 3 of yesterday and Zhou Xingzhe The last guest of the day was Hebe Tian Hao.

The IESF ticket was already announced, there were many young fans who loved electronic sports and music and who were attracted by the ticket, because this day they not only saw the performance of the goddess Tian Hao, but also the League of Legends (LOL) and CS: GO "," Tekken 7 "end, the blood boiling rate reached its highest point.

<img class = "cjImg img300451″ title=”Hebe Tian Hao sang for the final of the 2018 World Championship of IESF Shows.” src=”https://s.newtalk.tw/album/news/166/5be8285783997.jpg” alt=”Hebe Tian Hao sang for the final of the 2018 World Championship of IESF Shows.”/>

Hebe Tian Hao sang for the final of the 2018 World Championship of IESF Shows.

For the IESF World E-Sports Championships in the end, Tian Hao smiled and said to the children: "It's very cool to participate in the e-sports competition. I can sing for the first time to the professional competitors of the electric competition. I'm very happy!" E-Sports players will play when listening to their songs to practice the time, it has been deeply touched and said that it has the honor to trust instead and to become the power of all to continue the victory.

She sang "Daily", "No Drunk" and "Little Lucky." This song is popular in Asia from Taiwan with the movie "My Girlhood" and even Han Xing is hastily learning. Undoubtedly, tonight, the public followed the hot chorus and guests at home and abroad enchanted themselves with the wonderful atmosphere, which also eased the tension of the championship players and helped everyone to charge completely.

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