Saturday , April 17 2021

IPhone sales hit the wall, Apple paid the shadow of service prospects | TechNews Technology News

Apple vendors issued lucrative warnings this week, fueling the concerns of market analysts and worried that iPhone sales have entered the period of breaking the walls, fearing that the prospects of paid services, which Apple plans to play as a great pillar of growth, will cast a shadow.

Reuters reported that during the past year, investors were willing to ignore the fact that iPhone sales stagnated because the average sales price continues to increase. But now Apple faces fierce competition from mobile phone manufacturers at a low price like Xiaomi.

Apple often hangs over plans to increase revenue from paid services, such as Apple Music and iCloud. But these paid services, at least because of the growing number of iPhone users, believe that the iPhone accounts for about two-thirds of the world's 1,300 million on Apple devices.

As consumers delay the launch of Apple phones that are more expensive than others, Wall Street analysts fear that global sales of smart phones will be slower, which may make Apple more difficult to maintain market share. Berni's analyst, Toni Sacconaghi, said that this could be the opposite, causing an impact on Apple's paid service revenues.

Market sales analysts are worried that Apple's excessive emphasis on the best brands and the high-priced strategy will not be a problem, as sales in foreign markets such as India, Brazil and Russia have not increased.

Hal Eddins, chief economist at Apple Capital Co., said that the OnePlus 6T-class phone can rival Apple's most important phones at half the price of the iPhone.

"You can buy a better cell phone at a lower price. The mobile phone market is changing rapidly. I think the manufacturer who took the $ 1,000 route is scared."

(Translator: Liu Shuqin, first source: Unsplash)

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