Saturday , April 17 2021

Japanese / battle test out of madness 152 km. Liao Renlei Joins Seibu hope | Baseball | NOWnews Today News

▲ Liao Renlei. (Photo / photo of Wu Zhengying)

The Seibu team came out today and wanted to beat Japanese former Taiwanese players Liao Renlei. According to Liao Renlei he had the opportunity to support the bullpen of the Xiwu team, and the abolition of the speedball or the permission for the Seibu team to expand its fighting power.

The senior consultant of the Seibu team, Watanabe Kusumi, said: "We have players who want to see."

In other words, Seibu's team has been watching Liao Renlei and Liao Renlei has the opportunity to be a teammate with Wu Nianting and Guo Junlin. Among them, Wu Nianting and both are symbiotic colleges and universities, and the two also meet again.

Liao Renlei played 17 games in the second army this season, 2 wins and 0 losses, the defense index is only 2.79, the height is 201 cm and 125 kg body, Liao Renlei has more than 150 km of ball speed, you have the opportunity to support the Xiwu team.

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