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(Huang Huimin, central news reporter, Jinmen County, sixteenth) Fujian Jinmen District Attorney has also won a choice of corruption. The local inspection agency said a candidate for a Yang villager in Jinning Township was selected for him and a county counselor and was suspected of buying a ticket. In the case, the money of NT $ 50,000 was seized and it was allowed to be arrested.

Kinmen District Attorney's Office said today that the Land Department was informed of a candidate for a villager in the municipality of Jinning in September. To search for himself and a county councilor, he planned to buy cash votes to seek election support and suspected himself a cash bribe. Prosecutor Mao Youzeng immediately assigned prosecutor Zhang Hansen to investigate and conduct research and research from the Fujian Provincial Research Office.

Wu Jinlong, the Terras Department attorney, said yesterday that the parties thoroughly documented the evidence and believed that the time was mature. The prosecutor of the Shilin District Tax office in Taiwan, Cai Dongli, who supported bribes, ordered jointly that the investigator of the Fujian Provincial Research Office seeks Yang's surname. Electoral candidates and residences seized more than 50,000 yuan in cash, interviewed business cards and entrevistaron and arrested 4 villagers and voters for the case.

Following the conclusion of the prosecutor's report, he believed that the representative of the village representative, Yang, was suspected of using a 5,000 yuan for the county councilor and a 3,000 yuan so that the villager's representative formed a set of methods to buy voters and to the family of voters. The tickets and the payment of bribes of 16,000 yuan, violating the law of withdrawal of public elections, is very important for the respondent to deliver corruption and there is data that the accomplice and the witnesses who have not yet arrived have a series of certificates, The court requested or imprisonment.

In addition, the Cai electorate and other suspects accept bribes delivered by the Yang candidate. They were involved in the crime of article 143 (1) of the Criminal Code. They confessed that they had paid the bribes for a total of 16,000 yuan and then they knew the insurance and they returned.

The chief prosecutor of the Inspection Department, Mao Youzeng, said the police charges demonstrated the attitude and determination of the judiciary to firmly investigate bribery in a concrete manner. It is absolutely true to verify the bribe. I hope people are not lucky. It also appeals to receive The people who bribe the money were delivered fairly, and the delivery to the case, the local inspection department will handle slightly in accordance with the law. (Editor: Wu Jiaying) 1071116

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