Saturday , April 17 2021

Lu Xiuyan: Play moral conscience, show rejection of air pollution, oppose black box | Zhong Zhangtou | NOWnews Today News

Lu Xunyan, candidate for the mayor of Kuomintang Taichung. (Photo / Reporter Ye Tengzhen)

In response to today's researchers who conduct a press conference to support the policy of prevention of air pollution by Lin Jialong, Lu Xiuyan, mayor of Taichung's campaign headquarters, responded that according to the data of monitoring of empty products such as the box of air, today is the state of the orange contamination, the citizens of Taichung usually are thus. In the case of empty goods, this is an indisputable fact and trusts that some press conferences of the students support the citizens of Taichung and ask the governing authorities to face to avoid escaping. They ask to the mayor Lin Jialong that it takes a good attitude to correct the contamination and to face the central government. Incorrect power policy.

Lu Xiuyan said the environmental protection group said yesterday that the Taichung city government only normally reveals the average PM2.5 of the five EPA stations. The remaining dozen of stations like Dongda, Houli, Wenshan and Taiping are not selective. It was revealed that the delegation asked the government to completely reveal the value of empty products, without embellishing the data and, honestly, addressing the facts of atmospheric pollution. In addition, the Taichung city government spent a total of 150 million yuan in the funds to carry out an empty investigation, including a copy. Research and study on the assessment of the health risk of the inhabitants of the city of Taichung due to atmospheric pollutants. However, this investigation has already completed the report but has not been published. The environmental protection group and the Taichung City Council have seriously criticized.

Lu Xiuyan said he was truly expecting some scholars to conduct a press conference to show their moral conscience. They are at the foot of the people and urge the ruling authorities to "not be secret rooms. They are not black boxes. Be transparent," to ask the Taichung city government to report no news. Informing concerns, selectively revealing the best data stations and averages, so that the Taichung city government is not black boxes, the "Health pollution assessment report for atmospheric pollutants for Taichung citizens" should be made public, is to ask for Taichung city government that is honest. For the correction of the supervisory institute, it states that the reduction of coal of 5 million tonnes is only 200,000 tons, which means that the Taichung municipal government "has no benefit for the improvement of atmospheric pollution," is to ask the Taichung city government to forget to fight the central error. Energy policy, not sacrifice the health of the central people.

Wu Xiuyan, the mayor of Taichung, said that it respects the position and consideration of each profession and every academic. However, the facts must be released to the public. According to Taipower's data, in 2016 and 2017 Shuangbei's shortage of power reached 17 billion kWh. The share of electricity generation increased to 84.4% and was forced to turn into a basic power difficult to send. The proportion of power generation of mid-range to 20% of the generation of thermal energy is naturally the most important. The current mayor of Taichung, Lin Jialong, has not really improved in Taipower. Air pollution and did not meet the requirements of autonomous regulations, even issued 10 licenses to Taipower in the middle of the fire, can not see the attitude of defending the public, "the party will overflow public health," is outrageous.

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