Tuesday , May 18 2021

Lu Yanqing and Hanshin Tiger renewed their fight to fight for the next season. | Sports | Sanli News Net SETN.COM

Reporter Wang Yixiang / full report

The professional Japanese baseball tiger from Japan announced on the 16th that it will renew its contract with the Taiwanese launcher Lu Yanqing. The new season Lu Yanqing will challenge the army. Lu Yanqing is also Taiwan's first player to complete the contract with the Japanese football team this season.

Han Shenhu Lu Yanqing team (photo / reporter Lei Mingzheng photography)

▲ Han Shenhu Lu Yanqing team. (Photo / photo of information)

Lu Yanqing, 22, signed a contract with Hanshin Tiger at the end of last year. This year was tightened and sharpened in the Second Army. He scored 2 wins and 3 losses in 12 games and his defense charge was 4.31. For the first day of the game, Lu Yanqing said that the process of hitting the ball in the season and then adjusting this process really made me learn a lot.

Lu Yanqing also expressed his experience of renewal of the contract through pellets. He said: "I hope I can go to the army next year, and I will remain in the army during the season. To achieve this goal, I will try to accumulate training during the low season to avoid injuries."

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