Saturday , April 17 2021

Luo Zhixian admits that he is working hard year after year. Seeing the economy next year is "very cautious" |钜 亨 网 – Stock of Taiwan

The Unification Group has gathered resources from its food, distribution and beauty platforms to host the 4th year of the "Sharing" series of Christmas. The unified group Luo Zhixian and Gao Xiuling and their wife (16) debuted at the end of the year. President Luo Zhixian said that this year is more difficult than last year and that next year will be more difficult than this year. It is a great challenge for the team. The next year will be very cautious.

Luo Zhixian said that the global outlook is very uncertain. I did not see good conditions to support the growth of the economy. "The global economic momentum is slowing down and is an indisputable reality."

Luo Zhixian said that, since the main commercial structures of food, circulation and beauty are in the economy of people, the "very fortunate" operation will not be affected too much by the external changes, but will be treated with caution. This year is more difficult than last year. And next year will be more difficult than this year, and we can only work more.

Luo Zhixian is even more attentive. The economic forecast seems to have many underground. Next year is definitely not a very quiet year. It can even be interpreted as the beginning of the normal new one.

"Love Sharing" selects a theme from the city every year, so that the Chinese can experience different Christmas environments in Taiwan. This year's theme is the Italian romance of Milan. At Kaohsiung Dream Age and the Taipei department unified store, several thematic devices have been installed. The Super Uniform (2912-TW) 7-11 City Cafe is also replaced by a theme Christmas theme, and has special stores and surrounding products.

Unification of the K lines on the day of the super stock price.

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