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▲ Ma Li, chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba, filmed a short one for the Tmall Double 11 event.

Reporter Qiu Jun, Zeng Junhao / Complete report

Ma Yun, president of the Alibaba Group, will pay the ball to CEO Zhang Yong. In 2018, it will be the last time that he will participate in the Festival of the Double 11 Shopping Festival as "President", but he did not visit the scene on the night of the 10th. Only he played a movie as a party. The final debut.

In the first half of the film, Ma Yun challenged professional beauty projects, live logistics, logistics and tied crabs. All failed Finally, the mail sent the card to Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night. Thanks to everyone who participated in Duo 11 through the movie. We.

The full text of Ma Yun from "Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night"

Everyone won, I just lost, but it was good, it was not the first time for me. He was very happy, because our clients are strong, our partners are strong and our employees are strong, this is our true great success, the double 11 created by everyone, and its miracle.

This year is the tenth double 11, the double 11 is not a day off, it is a thankful day, it is the manufacturer with the best products, the best price, grateful to our consumers.

I hope that by doubling 11, everyone can buy not only goods, but surprises, not only cheap but innovation: waiting is not only the plot, but happiness; the double 11 is not a promotion, but a cultural exchange. It is a happy cast, a festival created by the Chinese and recognized throughout the world.

Thanks to all the friends who participated in the double 11, thanks to all emails, customer service staff, all the efforts behind the double 11 are yours, without having the miracle today, I wish everyone happy happy.

▲ ▼ Ma Yun challenged several professional sales at the shopping festival. (Youku figure / flip)

▲ ▼ Ma Yun challenged several professional sales at the shopping festival. (Youku figure / flip)

▲ Ma Yun challenges several professional sales at the shopping festival. (Youku figure / flip)

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