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Li Jiafen
▲ Yu South Korea's campaign team launched the latest announcement, please see South Korea's wife Yu Li Jiafen to talk about her husband. (Video campaign / flip of the YouTube campaign of the South Korean campaign, YouTube, 2018.11.16)

The Kaohsiung mayor's candidate, Yuki Yuki (16), once again launched an official advertisement. The protagonist is South Korea's wife Li Jiafen, who tells his eyes about Korean Yu, while the official line of Korean Yu and Facebook When sharing this movie, I also wrote: "Jia Jiafen: Thank you not I was frightened by the night attack, which had 30 hands and that the path to the future is still practical. "

South Korean team Yu today published an announcement "Li Jiafen, confessional film: my husband, South Korea." In the movie, Li Jiafen sat on the couch and spoke about Korean Yu. He told you that in fact he is a very pure and very childish person, but a person who looks at the problem thinks about the problem and has an amplitude and depth. Complex heart, simple heart, this is what encouraged yourself. "I often joke with South Korea Yu:" How can you be so passionate about decades? "

Li Jiafen frankly said that before the South Korean Yu announced his candidacy, the couple had a profound discussion. "I know that this type of battles, relatives and other individuals must have a lot of psychological pressure." Although they are psychologically prepared for the overwhelming problem. But the intensity of the like is really somewhat unexpected.

"I dare say that you are a fairly clever and skilled person in the political area of ​​Taiwan." Li Jiafen promised her husband, South Korea, that he could create a so-called "energy government" and that they are all Taiwanese. There are many expectations for democracy. There are many dreams for the ruling party. They think we can bring good economic and social security so that ordinary people can live and work peacefully.

In the end, Li Jiafen strongly recommended Yu from South Korea: "It can definitely bring a different look to Kaohsiung." I also believe that if Kaohsiung people voted for him and handed over the task, he would definitely see the future of Kaohsiung. At the end of the movie, the subtitles of "Beyond the party, regardless of color, people must choose the sage and skill."

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