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The iPhone X update system exploded again, Apple responded "to solve" together TechNews Technology News

Taiwan Time 11 Month 13 Day, Apple users @rocky_mohamad Push, express yours iPhone X Due to the update iOS 12.1 Make the fuselage overheat and explode.

NDTV Under the umbrella Gadgets 360 The website interviewed the parties and revealed more details.

The explosion was in the city of Federal Way, Washington, EE. UU. Mohamad rocky He said this explosion iPhone X Use only 10 months. "This year 1 I bought this at the beginning of the month. iPhone XAnd use it normally. He said he is preparing to update iOS 12.1And the phone is charging. Suddenly, "there was a dark gray smoke coming out of the cell phone. After the upgrade was completed, the phone smoked and set on fire when it turned on and broke."

Mohamad rocky He said he used iPhone X Official accessories iPad Charger and transmission line and not purchased through third party pipelines.

Taiwan time 11 Month 14 Day, Apple technical support Apple support In social mediaAnswerThis matter, indicating that this should not happen, and suggested Rahel Mohamad Send the explosive mobile phone for the investigation, "We will work with you to solve it."

In fact, this is not the first time iPhone The explosion There have been previous reports, including Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain and other places. iPhone X The fuselage temperature is too high, causing a direct explosion.

iPhone X It's apple 2017 Anus 9 New models launched in the month. "X "For Roman Numbers "10 "Meaning iPhone X It's Apple iPhone A tribute to the 10th anniversary. But this tenth anniversary model this year 9 The month slowly stopped production and became the "shorter life." iPhone Device

Obviously the battery is iPhone X The biggest suspect of the explosion.

From Samsung Note Galaxy 7 In the event of a mobile phone battery explosion, the public is increasingly sensitive to the explosion of mobile phones. Because the mobile phone is a personally transported item, security is particularly important.

This time, Apple responded positively. What people expect more is that Apple should investigate and find the root cause and fix it correctly. iPhone X The explosion did not happen again.

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