Monday , May 10 2021

The photo is very bad! Big S presents a small scalp that has everything that opens up inside as eight treasure chickens | | | NOWnews Today News

▲ The small short-haired image is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. (Turn figure / photo book)

Actress Xiao S (Xu Xiwei) had a long hair when she debuted. She will experience a period of change. Later, his short hair became his image in the eyes of the public. My sister Xu Xiyuan recently unveiled the short hair of her sister. The training assistant heard her eyes wide open and seemed incredulous.

▲ Big S (left) and sister S love the mouth. (Turn figure / photo book)

Big S recently hosted the beauty show "Miss Beauty" on the continent. In the last transmission content, she asked the assistant server such as female hair growth or short hair. The other party said he liked short-haired girls and added a small S. "Her hairstyle I think she's such a fun girl." Who knows Sneer from Big S, said that Xiao S loves to cut her short hair because He does not like to wash his hair and then break the news: "Your stylists have to wear a mask to give shape. Their hair has become inside as the porridge of eight treasures, all have it." After the speech, the host and the The audience were shocked and it seemed that the horrible picture appeared.

▲ Big S revealed the reason for the short cut in S, and the host was astonished. (Figure / flip microblogging)

After selling my sister, Big S did not forget to share the right way to take care of her hair. She revealed that she used more than 10 types of combs to comb hair every day, and changed the comb with the city, the climate and humidity. The shampoo used for washing also followed the same path. There are also a variety of hair care products that specialize in hair care and even 3 to 4 different hair dryers are used to burst hair, so that everyone in the room can listen to their eyes straight and sigh that it is too much professional

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