Saturday , April 17 2021

The power of fire financed by foreigners concentrated the financial stocks, the three legal entities bought more than 487 million yuan. Hon Hai was connected to 10 sales |

Taiwan's actions were driven by the recovery of the Wang Liguang securities market in the morning (16). After the stock price dropped, the stock market rose. However, after red purple was dragged by red, the fall of the TSMC increased and index reduction was eliminated. Although the buyer got up, the final price fell by 29.37 points, with a gain of 9790.09 points and a loss of the 5-day line. In the three legal entities, freelance traders acquired more than 670 million yuan and the investment in cards exceeded 457 million yuan. Foreign capital and land sales exceeded 640 million yuan and a total of more than 487 million yuan was purchased. Among them, Hon Hai was sold by foreign investors for 10 years. In the last 10 days, foreign capital has sold about 50,000 copies.

In the Taiwan referendum period, foreign investment was reduced to 4,453, and the number of open positions decreased to 37,120, the number of open orders increased by 48, and the open position of empty orders increased to 29,127; It knows 379 mouths, the amount of multiple open positions increased to 2632.

Foreign capital today bought concentrated financial powers of fire, foreign investors bought more than 10,000 stocks, including Xinxing, Yuanda CSI 300, 2, CITIC Gold, AUO and Yuandajin and bought more than 1,000 financial assets, including gold development , Zhaofeng Gold, Taixinjin, First Gold, Yushan Gold, Huanan Jin, Xinguangjin, Hekujin, Zhongshou; Electronic actions, including Innolux, Winbond, Ding-KY, Jinxiang, Jingdian, Dafang, etc.; The transfer actions are Sinosteel, Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, Datong, Uniform, Huaxin, Dongyang and Zhengxin.

Foreign investment to buy Chao No. 1 called Xinxing, bought more than 40,024, the second largest of Yuanda Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 positive 2, buys more than 27,854, the third CITIC Gold, bought more than 21,661, the fourth AUO, buys Super 21334 Zhang, the 5th Yuan Dajin , bought the 13,452, the eighth gold development, bought more than 9,349, the 7th Zhaofeng Gold, bought more than 8,170, the eighth Zhonggang, bought more than 8016, on day 9 The group created a total of 7915 pieces, and the tenth place , Taiwan New Gold, bought more than 7,547 pieces.

Foreign capital sold for the first time in the Far East, selling more than 18,451, the second place in TSMC, which sells more than 15,564, the third place to sell and sell more than 11,238, the fourth place in Wanghong, which sells more than 10,166, the fifth MSI, I sell more than 10,129, the 6th South Asia Branch, selling more than 5,213, the 7th Yuanda Taiwan 50, selling more than 4811, the 8th Hon Hai, selling more than 4,004, the 9th Sinopec, selling more of 4717, the first 10 new days of today, selling more than 4,506 sheets.

In the letter, buying the first place, Xinxing, bought 2,209 pieces, the second place, Shuanghong, bought more than 20.70 pieces, the third place, CITIC Gold, bought more than 1,612 pieces, and the fourth place, Chuangchuang, bought 1,134 pieces , fifth place Arriving and buying more than 1,102 pieces; marketing first, selling more than 1064 pieces, the second place of TSMC, selling more than 1036 pieces, the third place of Nanmao, selling more than 680 pieces, the fourth place Far East new, selling More than 606, the 5th unified , sold more than 603.

Freelancers to buy the first name Super is Yuanda Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, 2, buy more than 14.843, the second Fubon VIX, buy 5.118, the third, Central, buy 4.336, the fourth glass, Buy more than 1504, the 5th Winbond, buy more than 1117, works on its own to sell the first United States, sells more than 2,600, Taiwan's second largest 50, sells more than 1,655, the third largest Taiwan's 50 positive ones, sold more than 1,581, the fourth FH Hong Kong reverse 1, sold more than 1,414, the fifth Deep Fubon 100, sold more than 1,228.

According to the analysis carried out by Cathay Pacific Securities Association, the transaction volume is decreasing for two consecutive weeks. The K weekly line received a small black, but the bottom shadow line is 181 points, which indicates that although the disk is not enough, the purchasing power of hunting purchases in general is strong and many The air has a strong distance of traction

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