Sunday , April 11 2021

The secret of a short short horse S cut off the news: do not wash your head and open up like eight scissors treasure! – Zhongshi Newsletter

Artists S recently welcomed the beauty show "Miss Beauty", which often shares the beauty of the program, the conversations of each group of guests will inspire their soul of complex art, the latest episode of hair style, she The sister of the news broke. The secret of cutting short hair is actually because "there is something like her eight-story treasure chicken in her hair."

Xiao S has cut short hair in recent years. Besides the famous who does not like to wash his hair, he is still more touched by his sister S. The designer uses a mask to help her dress her hair. (Figure / flip from the small Facebook of S)

In the last episode, guest assistant Ma Bojun asked if he liked women's growth or short hair. He immediately said that he likes short-haired girls, like a small S. "Your hairstyle will make you feel like a legal girl."

Big S listened to a male star as a short short hair S and immediately gave the news because he did not wash his hair. (Weibo figure / flip)

Big S listened to a smile and said that Xiao S loves to cut her hair because she does not like to wash her hair. "Your hair must wear a mask to shape it. Your hair becomes like a hen with eight treasures. Everything is there." The porridge of eight treasures said they frightened everyone and immediately left the guests running from the image of the eggs of eight treasures.

The great S describes the hair of small S as frightened as the gold of eight treasures. (Weibo figure / flip)

Beauty Dawang S also teaches everyone how to keep hair. Big S said: "I use more than a dozen combs every day, and then use them according to the different cities, the climate and humidity. I also have to wash my hair differently. The area, its climate, its dryness, To combine your shampoo, as well as hair care with different hair care and three or four different hair dryers, this is called real hair care! "Completed The guests of the scene immediately exclaimed, you can go to the store, as it can be so professional

(China Times Newsletter)

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