Saturday , October 23 2021

Unsatisfied with cold processing Tencent IG wins, Wang Sicong dominates 5 million cash to send to fans 4Gamers


Recently, IG (Invictus Gaming) has won the first Trophy of the Legends League Cup for the LPL Division. However, after the event, the official difference in size of League of Legends made fans get angry. Today (6), the head of IG Wang Sicong was presented. To make a sound, to celebrate the IG championship, just forward / comment / like your Weibo, and pump 113 people to send 10,000 RMB in cash! President Wang is really good.

While you like to praise, move forward and leave a message, you will have the opportunity to attract 10,000 RMB (about NT $ 44,000) and there are 113 winning places. This type of draw is definitely not a blow. The person who is active is the son of the richest man in China, head of IG, Wang Sicong.

This year, IG won the Legends League World Championship. However, compared to RNG Invitational RNG mid-season this year, Tencent officially launched a championship celebration and held RNG for a long time. This time, the official set the focus on "K / DA". In the promotion of monitoring this series of styles, no matter the game room or the official website, the design of the IG celebration and the details of the follow-up celebrations can not be seen.

Since November 3, when IG won the championship, until November 5, Tencent officially launched the "IG Winning Celebration", which included "1 random shape, 1 random random head and 1 random victory card." "." After the victory in mid-season of MSI, the official launch of RNG's celebration and commemorative avatar in 8 minutes, the official plan of this moment has made many admirers who really adore the LPL area dissatisfied.

After the official announcement of the celebration of the victory, there was a buzzing under Weibo. Not only IG fanatics were offended, but EDG fans who won the first MSI championship for LPL were not satisfied with the message: "Forgiveness, I forgot the first MSI champion of EDG. It is not equipped with a champion avatar."

Chinese netizens cut the game lobby map 11/5, K / DA mastered the main design

Even the vice president of the IG team, the Tibetan horse, issued a message at 8:00 a.m. on the night of day 5 that would understand the mood of the fans. "Hot Dogs" (referring to Wang Sicong) was presented to discuss the topic. After the 9th night of the 5th, the League of Legends officially changed the statement, stating that "the second wave (the victory of the celebration) will be announced later this week," it is inevitable to ask … Is the great boss that will come out, the officer I really changed and started this so-called "celebration."

Chinese netizens cut the game lobby map 11/5, K / DA mastered the main design

Unlike the microblogging lottery of President Wang himself (Wang Sicong), it seems that President Wang is really dissatisfied. Not only did President Wang clarify directly that this was the "Fiesta del Campeonato del Mes" in the lucky raffle but also commented on the following notes: "Huang Zai (which means irrational fanatics of the RNG) and tx lol (Tencent League of Legends) does not They are allowed to participate in the draw. "

In the search list for Weibo, which is the most receptive to the subject, "Wang Sicong Lucky Draw" was ranked first and the "Limitations of the president of the lucky draw" was also fourth. It is clear that President Wang's operation is quite popular.

In fact, although IG scored good results this season and even won the world championship, the lack of a crown on the LPL meant that its local fan base was a bit less familiar than the LPL champions such as EDG and RNG. Korean supporters in the series are also restricted by the "national storyline" of admirers. Wang Sicong issued a test for the help of IG Korean.

On this occasion, the IG won the championship, it is a very cool look. I did not expect there was a war waiting for them after winning the championship. At present, it seems that the government has done its best to compensate it, but it can calm the anger, it depends on followers of follow-up to buy it. At least the president's lottery is not necessary to take cash at random. If you have a Weibo account, you can try your hand.

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