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Ascensia Diabetes Care reveals the importance of family patients

Basel, Switzerland – Nov 14, PRNewswire / InfoQuest

November 14 Ascensia Diabetes Care, a global company specializing in diabetes management. It organized a campaign to promote the role of family importance for patients with diabetes. It has published 38 digital paintings throughout the world online. It tells the story of family members who support, stimulate and help diabetics treat illness. It aims to highlight the important role that families play in the prevention, prevention and management of diabetes. This is the official theme of World Diabetes Day.

International Diabetes Federation The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has selected "The Family and Diabetes" as the theme of World Diabetes Day 2019-2019 to sensitize people on the effects of diabetes in families. Promotes the important role of families in the management, protection and awareness of this disease.

To support IDF to strengthen the important role of the family in the treatment of diabetes, Ascensia Diabetes Care has asked people from all over the world to send a family photo, share stories and support their families with diabetes. Professional artists digitalize the original photos to tell inspiring stories.

These images were published through Facebook, Twitter and Ascensia Diabetes Care Insights to encourage people to participate in the 2016 World Diabetes Day for the families that were selected. This campaign comes from 30 countries around the world. Each family has inspirational stories in support of diabetes. From daily help Promotion Stimulate patients to eat healthy foods and exercise. See all digital photo galleries at

Michael Klus, president and CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care, says: "Family support is extremely important for diabetics. We are pleased to support the theme of Diabetes Day this year. It emphasizes the importance of cooking in the discovery, prevention and management from diabetes. As a company that dedicates all of its attention to diabetes, we believe it is essential to emphasize the importance of family and the strength to deal with daily challenges. "

"Families are very important for all types of diabetics. Families help patients live healthier. Help patients treat illness in everyday life. And it causes diabetes to have less impact on life. Family members are happy with the patient when the symptoms improve, and cheerful when faced with difficult situations. We hope that digital painting of these families will help people from all over the world become aware of diabetes on this day of global diabetes. "

If you want to glorify your family's role in diabetes management and support World Diabetes Day, share your story or inspire our campaign through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of Ascensia Diabetes Care

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