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Chatchai looks good in Malaysia before the Suzuki Cup semifinal – The Bangkok Insight


Chatchai Boonpetch, Thai national goalkeeper admits pole thirst. In front of one hundred thousand fans. In the National Stadium of Bukit Jalil in the game they are with the national team of Malaysia. In the ASEAN 2018 Championship, the first semifinals.

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The 31-year-old Danish have been selected in the last two rounds helping the Philippines to advance 1-1 and open their home to beat Singapore 3-0 through the semifinals. While Group B champions meet with Malaysia.

"I was quite pleased with my personal form in the last two games, including team performance," said Chatchai after arriving in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

"The coach is very focused on the tactics, each game is different, I do not know if I have another chance, but I know it. I'm trying, and I'm sure the coach will use it. It's still in the right place."

"The coach did not say the reason (about changing the goalkeeper during the tournament), but before arriving to this tournament I am sure that I have to play with certainty. It does not matter what one is, and personally, I am sure. I have not been trained before, I still see opportunities every day. And try to practice the best. Until I have had the opportunity in the last two shots. "

Chatchai continued: "The visit to Malaysia is not easy, it would be a tough game. I personally think it's good to visit before we at least select Malaysian results to try to overcome. Or we lose. There are also two games that we apologize. Every time we play at home. We're very sure. "

Image from: FA Thailand

"As for the fanatics, I did not think we were going to play. As a professional athlete, I went to play So there are almost hundreds of people. You must be proud And have a good attitude. But if you work hard all the month. So to play. Dozens of people to go bankrupt, so do not worry or think otherwise, except to be thirsty and happy with this environment. "

"Goal section As a goalkeeper I hope that the team does not miss the door and this round Home Tournament We have to play well all the doors, it affects both teams, among other things, we have to concentrate for 90 minutes."

"We want to support our fans in this tournament. Although we were very successful, it is not easy, you do not look at other countries because each team wants to win. And if you have the opportunity to reach us to cover the field. 12 is very important to us ".

For the Thai national team to visit the national team of Malaysia. In the 2018 ASEAN Championship, the first semifinals were held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil on December 1 at 19.45 h. Then he returns to play in the second home match on December 5, 2561 at the Rajamangala Stadium at 7 in the afternoon. Thaiticketmajor http://bit.ly/AFFTHA Live on HD 7 and Bugaboo TV.

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