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Deepen in the story (no) secret! Jo Kwon, a cool Thai boy! One of the 5 best works of Fantastic Beasts 2.

After the way Photos from Warner Bros. Advertisers announced the movie. Fantasy beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald No matter who is an artist, designer, illustrator. Or an animator, etc., can show the creative work of images or movies inspired by the movie. Only the trailer of the movie.

The judges will select 5 interesting pieces. Winners will also be able to participate in digital advertising campaigns, billboards and related products. They may also have a movie job.

And he became a fan of Thai fans, not least because one of the five winning shots. It's a skill to catch the wand and start throwing the image of independent Thai designers. Joe Apichat Srithunya His work has spread throughout the world. And today there is an exclusive interview that is more than one piece of it, you have to come and come to each other.

Joe Apichart Truly thread. I formed at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Graphic design University of Bangkok Currently works as an independent designer.

How to enter the magical world. And why love the magical world?

I started reading. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Thailand translated into period. 6 So I realized that the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released, and then you have to love the magical world, it becomes so much. I decided to buy a book to configure the first 5 to read the real Internet, it is easy to access. Now I do not have a school of magic and Harry, then stopped at.

In the new name. muggle-v.com I wrote Harry Potter academics because they wanted me to be a source of information and research or find out later today, I simply have to work together to translate many of them. They are not very good in English, I have to have good siblings to help translate. Everything is authentic. We are all and cooperating with the team to do the article, it is very satisfying for us.

What makes love and dedication constant is that it is another place we escape from boredom. Feeling bad for a moment. Magical world JK Rowling It's like a source of water that gives us the power to confront the bad things in the next. The content itself has evolved over the ages. We want to grow together. Learn and love the characters at the end. The movie is the story of supernatural creatures, even adults who are fans hug Harry. The first ripe potter. We have a back area as a child. Back to the top of the page above ^ You have the power to make many people love and if someone doubts, it will bring you to know the depth of the world's most magical history. One can not separate from each other.

What are the new features of the competition?

I'm on the way. Warner Bros. Thailand I really do not know what to do. We will not send the contest. But long enough to work. Brain Joe started thinking, but the image will be presented to the contest until it feels good. There are 18 hours left. Let's make the magic world to the fullest. I have to tell. Get exposure to the world. I thought it would be a shame I did not do it, well, I did that, as I thought, on the skateboard, and then it came up with a real job in less than one day of presentation.

Fans of Harry Potter.

How long does it take to conceptualize a concept and finish?

I wrote under the outline that I outlined on October 20, the head of my mind, but I will design it. To do it to do it. Next I said that this work we have to send. You have to send. I am a person who likes to look for clean lines, but there are puzzles or symbols to think about. So, we decided that we would work with a style that we like and that is good, but that makes sense.

Tell me first. Draw a work that is not just a movie poster. Designing a job that can go to the other side. You can create a legal piece of work. It's a phone case. Or whatever I hope you look good enough so people like her should be silenced, I do not like what a lot of disorder is.

I started working on a graphic design in Illustrator on the night of October 21 and then I went to work in the morning, closing on the last day. The remaining 18 hours will be closed for the work I will send to Talenthouse in the last 3 hours. At four in the morning, it's five o'clock in the morning. I am very happy with the results.

This is a poster. What inspires you in the design?

The main inspiration is the cover design. Fantasies beasts From MinaLima, I like the work of both. As well as his designated for Harry Potter, but I want to have as his own. All drawings are balanced.

Take the iconic colors from the yellow to brown film to communicate with the Hufflepuff House of Newfoundland. Grindelwald's eldest son, in the distant future, belongs to Albus Dumbledore, the grandson of Gleem, the grindelwald stick, to the symbol of the alchemist. I want to put all the characters in the image without the image of the character. So it came out like a job I see. It may not be perfect, but I really like it.

Joe Apichart Truly thread.

How much will this contest wait for?

Suppose they wait But do not expect too much. I think the other people who sent me are great, I like a lot of work and many other 4 pieces have been selected. I like it before With his intention, it is easy to wait. But we do not want disappointment, do not dare wait. I have to like it. People like us are very happy.

How do you feel about it?

I know the results before the official announcement. Since day 3, I was very excited to receive a letter from Congratulations from Talenthouse, and quickly sent me a copy of the tests to confirm my identity. "Keep it secret until the official announcement", so excited to the road. Warner Bros. The announcement went to the official channel of the movie.

That night, I'm so stressed that I forgot to announce or result. I know it's 7am when I open the phone. Open the Internet Send me all messages from many people. It's really overwhelming. The feeling of winning. It's not the feeling of people who come to me, I'm glad to make money. But I am glad to see that people love, love and be happy with us. I want to see people happy.

1 out of 5 works

The first thing to do after getting to know the results.

Smiley Smiley great for the phone screen. The size of the previous results. But it's very special. Everyone knows that I got in touch with all the channels to know the news. But I close the whole path. I know everyone gains, then thanks to everyone. Thank you to all who received me. Thank you very much. Thanks to Talenthouse who chose us. Thank you. Warner Bros. The opportunity for fans of the world to deliver.

Thanks to the people who pushed me to make that decision. I'm very happy that today is the date. JK Rowling Retweet me on Twitter It's like I was told JK. "I like your work", although I do not know if JK will take part in the decision. Or a regular tweet for her. I was glad I was getting closer. JK A little more. I hope to have the opportunity to meet JK in real life. I want to thank you, embrace and cry with force.

What do you want to leave?

There are so many people today who watch this proverb or love is very different. I've heard people say that Harry Potter is very ridiculous. And if anyone can say what I am doing, that is ridiculous, I would say that I am good at English more because of Harry Potter, I am open to hearing and open to many things, Harry. Potter, I work for myself, I could not because of Harry Potter directly, but Harry Potter is the beginning, I wanted to make a website. I want to make a cool design to do something useful for others.

All this, I think it was from Harry Potter, so they do not get all the attention that people with negative attitudes will hurt a lot. But I want to believe my heart. And then at the end. If we are still anxious to do it all the time, for me, I'm right. You will have some time to get there. I had a lot of design, I was practicing and developing a lot to look back to see the old man.

What I like best is to have the opportunity to meet. JK Rowling He asked for his autograph one day. I want to shoot next. Thailand will have the opportunity to have fanatical events closest to actors like Japan or China, so magical admirers in Thailand can express love like any other country. I think everyone is ready to let go of love that day.

It can be traced. Joe Apichart Truly thread. In IG: atreeriddle, facebook: ATreeStudio, aphichat.wc, twitter: atmriddle

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