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Great hydroelectric dam "Do not build sustainability" – World News


Local Government of California Thousands of people were ordered to evacuate south of the Oroville Dam in 2017, falling asleep.

Great hydroelectric dam "Not sustainable" for the developing world – BBC Thai

New research shows that. The major hydroelectric dam projects in Europe and America have caused environmental degradation.

These dams are going to destroy each year. There are a variety of reasons for your consideration. Both danger and economic value. The author of this report expressed concern about developing countries. Perhaps you are not aware of the environmental problems arising from these projects. In Africa and Asia, thousands of new dams are planned.

Hydroelectric energy is the world's 71th largest energy source and plays an important role as a source of energy for many developing countries.

But the researchers say. Construction of several dams in Europe and the United States. It reached its peak in the 60s, but was later reduced to construction. And now the United States only uses 6% of its power.

Today, countries on both sides of the Atlantic are dismantling the prey at a rate of 1 dam per week.

The dams built since 1930 are over 90 percent more expensive than expected. Destroy the river's ecology. Millions of people have been displaced. It also contributes to climate change with emissions of greenhouse gases derived from decline and forests and other drowning due to the construction of the dam.

"They are desperate to come back. But not here" It's not about social costs that will pay in the future, "said Professor Emilio Moran, who led the research team at the University of Michigan. The problem is the eyes of the governments of the countries in development, "Obscured" by the price of electricity, without taking into account the environmental costs and social costs that are lost for the construction of the prey.

Large hydroelectric dam

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The dams in the Elvah River Basin in Washington, DC were dismantled in 2011.

His research also exemplifies two dams on the Brazilian Mekhata River. The construction was completed five years ago and is expected to produce only a small amount of energy from the previous projection. Because of climate change

In the developing world It is estimated that there are 3,700 large and small prey that are being built at various levels, which extend through different areas and ecosystems.

Research team Its great concern is that there are several important projects that will cause irreparable damage to the main rivers as the largest hydroelectric dam project in the world. Grand Inga (Congo River) It is expected that electricity is produced on one of the three continents in Africa. However, in a new study it is shown that the main objective for the construction of 80,000 million dollars of investment. It is the production of industrial power supply.

"The energy generated by this project is more than 90 percent will be delivered to South Africa in mining. People in Congo do not get any energy," said Monoran.

"The energy line will lead the people who are my sample in Brazil and goes up to 4,000 km, but nobody gets it."

Hoover Dam

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Dam of Hoover, that has water of the lake of the United States. Water levels have dropped in recent years.

The objective was to make the field accessible to electricity. The main benefit groups are trying to push for larger prey. And the government is often convinced by these groups. Make the decision in the direction you want. "

The report indicates this The construction of large dams in the middle of the river destroyed the food supply. Approximately 60 million people living in the Mekong Basin may be affected by the loss of fish opportunities to live. Revenues exceed $ 2 billion.

Brazil, which uses electricity from water energy, 67 percent of dams are lower than climate change. I need to build more dams.

Brazilians chose Silvio Sorrento as president The plans to build a new "bent" hydroelectric power plant are coming back. And the new plans of construction of 60 dams advance.

The researchers identified that the use of various energy sources including water energy. It is an alternative to sustainability.

"The major hydroelectric plants are not the future. That's our conclusion," said Mon Moran and proposed investing more in solar, wind and biomass. Include the power of water if applicable. While we are strictly guilty of cost and benefit, the team is truly transparent. Many dams will destroy thousands of plants and animals in these areas of biodiversity.

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