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OSMEP joins hands with PEME partners

OSMEP joins the 5 leading organizations to launch the SME Online 3rd Year project to raise the concept of Digital to Global to connect Thai businessmen with their fingers. Molding SMEs entrepreneurs across the country to enter the international online marketplace.

On February 28, 62, the Office for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSMEP) joined 5 leading organizations, namely the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. (University of Thanyaburi), Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (MRS.), University of Chiang Mai (CMU), Institute for Small and Medium Business Development (ISMED) and Thammasat University (Thammasat) 3rd, under the concept of Digital to Global, enhancing the potential of Thai entrepreneurs Prepared to compete in the online market through the e-Marketplace Leading global and regional leaders like Amazon, Alibaba, Far-e and on February 28, 2019 at the Crystal Box Gays Urban Resort , Gaysorn Building Tower

Mr. Suwanchai Lohawatanakul, director of the Office of Promotion of Small and Medium Business (OSMEP), said that the project for the promotion of electronic marketing for SMEs in fiscal year 2019 aims to work for OSM this year. SPEED is the main policy in Driven to develop SME in a modernization based on the word Smart is smart and knowledgeable, Proactive is working proactively, Efficiency is efficient, Exclusive is the quality Scan and company is adjusting to the digital workflow . What is the main mechanism for the development of SMEs?

In addition, OSMEP also divides the operators into 5 groups, namely Born Strong / Born Global / Born General, Born Plus, Born and 50 plus Born Digital. Born Digital is a group of entrepreneurs who are e-commerce. It organizes entrepreneurship training through the SME ONLINE project and creates SME CONNEX applications so that entrepreneurs can receive news and useful activities from OSMEP and also with other agencies that support entrepreneurs. SME, including the SME ONE website ( offers access to news related to SMEs in all dimensions

Mr. Suwanchai revealed that the PEME ONLINE project in 2019 was carried out for the third year to increase sales channels in the B2B B2B model and promote employers of SMEs at the national level so that they have the opportunity to easily reach targeted customers. Generate sales for entrepreneurs By helping them prepare to bring products to the online market Provide knowledge and advice to do business in the online marketplace. Organization of support activities for sale in the online market, such as promotion of sales, payment, delivery of products to customers in a systematic way To create systematic knowledge and understanding And increase the level of business owners to have knowledge and understanding When conducting business online business Sustainable As of 2017-2018, there are SMEs that participate in the project Obtain more than 120,000 online marketing expertise. Prepare for product photography. And it produces more than 265,000 product details and can open more than 20,000 online stores and generate sales for entrepreneurs with more than 450 million baht

The main objective of this project is to expand the promotion and development of entrepreneurship under the concept of Digital to Global, in order to enhance the potential of entrepreneurs to be ready to compete in the international online market through the e-Marketplace. Global and regional leaders As Amazon and Alibaba sell products around the world. Far-e sells Chinese market Selling markets in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Shopee connects the Singapore market. PCHome connects the Taiwan market, Priceza joins the Southeast Asian market, etc.

"In the operation of OSMEP and 5 joint units, training will be opened for entrepreneurs from across the country. Promote and develop entrepreneurs By transferring knowledge in all dimensions, both online and offline, and practicing exercises. From product photography Preparation of content of the product Opening of an online store, digital marketing and organization of various promotional activities In order to promote at least 50,000 entrepreneurs, prepare at least 100,000 products and services and generate sales for entrepreneurs of not less than 640 million baht to improve the The potential of entrepreneurs Preparing to compete in the digital world Both at national and international level, with strength, stability and sustainability, "said Suwanchai.

For the 5 participating units, the area of ​​responsibility is divided across the country as follows: MR Thanyaburi is responsible for the central and western regions, MRS is responsible for the northeastern and eastern regions, Chiang Mai University is responsible for the northernmost region , Small Business Development Institute (ISMED) in charge of the southern region and Thammasat University is responsible for the northern lower region. In addition, it has an integrated cooperation with 14 other e-Marketplace to support and give privileges to participating entrepreneurs, including Lazada , Shopee, Thailandmall, Far-e,, Inwmall,, PCHome, Beautynista, Pinsouq, shopseason, Price, Wongnai and Hungryhub

For SME entrepreneurs interested in joining the project You can find more information And ask to join the project with the agencies participating in each area at the national level Without any cost Including tracking details at / Facebook: applications SMEONLINE BY OSMEP e SME CONNEXT

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