Thursday , July 29 2021

Relatives preparing for the funeral Young men sent a pig to a pig The mother surprised her son. Family pillars

Families preparing for the funeral "The boy sent a pig," condemned by the police swords when firing a brutal fire on the night of 3 nights in Wat Ban Tha Bo on November 17. Tell the child as a family pillar. Judicial actions That is the first step. After completing the funeral, the followers will continue the arrest.

On November 13, 61 in the temple Ban Tha Bo Ms. Buasorn Thong, aged 54, mother of Mr. Kriengsak Sornthong The police were shot in Bangkok on the night of November 12. I will prepare a place for the funeral of a son who has returned to charity in the country by Mr. Chakrit Sornthong, 16, the only son of the deceased. Come with a sad face.

Preliminary Relations Mr Kriangsak Wants to create a charity in Ban Tha Bo for three nights before the afternoon incineration of November 17, after which I will continue the results of the capture of the police sword that caused the death of a child.

Mrs. Bua Mae Kriengsak has two children. Kriengsak is the eldest son. The other is a woman. He died from an early age For the husband I have been living for more than 20 years, Mr. Kriengsak. Be careful to take care of the child. And the only son of Mr. Kriengsak. In high school. Mr. Kriangsak worked as a firefighter. And he has installed air conditioning in Bangkok for more than 6 years to raise money to return to the family monthly. He recently resigned to the work of fireworks. To work like pig bread with the scene of the accident about 6 months, he was killed by shots. Before being shot dead, Mr. Kriengsak spoke to him. About the end of the month. Check the delight And they say they work in a store so happy. I have known many people. And at the end of the month, he will send the money for himself and his children as they go. There is no premonition for any disaster with Mr. Kriangsak.

"Until last night, the owner of the pig store said that his son was shot and died, what are you doing? Because the events occur very quickly, but consult a family member and agreed to take the son's funeral to the charity tradition The case was made to the authorities After completing the funeral, I will go up to continue with the body to return to charity today. The owner of a pig store that supplies the car to the body. I do not have much income. "said the mother.

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