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The 40 ex-girls are thin, caused by a wheel, lose 32 kg weight. Do not go back to fat again!

Khun B., the 40-year-old clothing store owner, is in love with and interested in fashion and clothing. In the past, it was a thin waist, but it was too much for him of almost 100 kilograms.

The stomach eats, sleeps well. Cultivation of the womb Weight is increasing the day of birth. The weight is 98 kg, almost 100 kg (laughter). The peak is the biggest weight in life. After giving birth, the next day, weighing 92 kg, being a baby mother, weight B reduced to 75 kg.

6 big donuts are consumed once.

Working tired, eating full and sleeping

As we are even more tired of eating Tired of work And raising children also Eating food is not the time B dinner is at 2 in the evening. The sale of finished products to the house, dinner, kitchen with family, eat and sleep like this every day. Rice to eat each meal B. I never thought how many lads they ate, how many rounds, good food, cold meats, lean meats. Finished eating, you have to eat snacks You can eat a cake once in a pound. Eat as much as the weight has increased from 80> 84> 89 kg

Almost died because of weight loss pills

Sufficient Weight Started looking for a new drug to lose weight, try eating, eating only 1 day, many palpitations, insomnia, tightening the chest, stopping eating immediately And did not dare to eat slimming pills again, fearing death After that, try losing weight again. But using the wrong method Eating less Many times Try eating others. Use several intensive formulas. But it was not successful You can do it for a few days, then eat again as before

The weight range of 89-92 kg B. is usually colic. Especially in the middle of the night, arms, hands, tea and many times during the day You will start your stomach and cramps under your breasts Very tortured like a near death

School days used to weigh 50 kg.

In addition to health problems. Still lacking confidence. When you are obese, you do not like taking pictures. I do not like to work because they can not find the dress. Sincerely, he said he never thought he would come so far. Of lovely lovers. I love to dress, to take care of you. But it has become a release. Let yourself be fat.

The beginning of weight loss

The 5 main reasons why B decides to lose weight this time are

1. The first is age. In 2018, the age of B near the end of the 40 years, B is excited at the age of 4, thinking many times. When I was 40, I wanted to be an obese old woman? He decided to lose weight

2. B's children often say they want their mother to be as thin as before. I want the mother to be as beautiful as in picture B. See the image of herself when she is thin I saw her clothes when she was thin and provoked every time

3. Often it is taken by someone who is not close to talking So much in front and behind the back, which is fat like a giant, and a thousand fat, why my wife, a thousand fat

4. Time to go to the hospital While weighing and measuring the pressure The nurse talks out loud Ask if you weigh or not? How much is your weight? How much we weighed The patient was full, very embarrassed, because they all turned to look (laughter) and the results of the pressure measure of B Case always go to the hospital The pressure is 150 and the highest is 156. Both doctors and nurses give me the lose weight B. Be afraid of this disease. You want to stay for a long time

5. At all times, when B is older than 6 years of age, the husband never speaks a single word. Do you want to lose weight? Never spoke fat. Or call B that fat, fat, the husband never speaks Never really Size B The husband never forbade me to eat at all. And he said he was hungry and wanted to eat "B. Pressure yourself" Finally, I intend to lose weight seriously.

"You have to reach the goal".

B. I want to go back to the same as before. That's the goal of B. I commit to myself that this time it should do more than 100 hearts. The initial weight is 90.7 kg. The current weight is 58 kg. The weight is reduced to 32.7 kg. It takes 11 months to lose weight.

Current proportion

Chest 37.4 "from the original 44
Waist around the navel 28.2 "from the original 40
Waist in the temple on the navel 27.1
Hip 36.2 "from the original 43
Coxa 21.7 from the original 28
167 cm high

B. Reduce this weight manually Without eating pills Not a supplement for weight loss, weight loss of dietary control, choose to eat 70% and practice 30%

Most people already know The best weight loss Is to control food intake And exercise "It sounds easy, who can say it, but it is difficult to do? Where will it start?"

For me Before you start losing weight for 2 weeks, look for information about eating at Google. Find out how to eat. Weight loss healthy B. Knowing what to eat for 5 groups, what to eat What are the foods in each group? Find every food heat If it comes to vegetables, fruits, meats and foods that should be reduced What to avoid

Just 40-year-old mother's advice

1. Food is very important.

Most foods are made by themselves. Very little to buy to eat. B. Will write the food menu that is eaten 3-5 days before, buy the prepared material. The menu written in advance will calculate the calories. The food you eat per day is rough. That each menu is about how many which Google Studio and B. will cook the food according to the menu B. Write

2. Eat 3 full meals, do not abstain from eating a meal.

Eat breakfast and lunch Eat light dinner Eat meal in time. Breakfast, we eat from 8:00 a.m. Breakfast As before 12.00 h. Dine meals after 5:00 p.m.

Especially for dinner B. Focus on eating easily digestible foods. Reduce and avoid carbohydrates Control no more than 250 calories, depending on the food that is consumed during 2 meals. The body of B can be adjusted in the first 2 months.

3. Control the calories per day

Eat enough with the body to choose to eat, interested in calories, prepared foods. You will see before buying always

4. Some foods should Reduce the omission of these 3 words.

5. Reduce carbohydrate food

Focus on eating foods that give protein. To build muscle. Focus on eating a lot of vegetables, eating fruits that are not too sweet (use 1 main rice, 1 part meat, 2 parts of vegetables)

6. Avoid foods that use oil in all types of cooking.

Pure watered fried menu Eat boiled foods, steamed, stewed, grilled, churrasqueira, or coconut milk, stopping eating MSG. Stop eating salty foods Do not eat very spicy foods. Add a bit of flavor, refrain from sweets, desserts, refrain from refreshments, abstain from foods with a high calorie content. Do not eat lean meats Eat easily digestible foods. Do not eat junk food. Fast food

7. Eat many foods with low calorie content. Do not eat less, but high calories

8. Long lasting, do not deliver your mouth.

9. Go to bed quickly. Sufficient rest. If you are hungry after dinner or at night. Try choosing food. You need to find something to eat, be sure to go hungry to the stomach ache

10. Stop eating cold water Normal water temperature Wake up in the morning with an empty stomach. B will consume 500-700 ml of warm water before eating each meal. 1-2 glasses of water before eating after each meal, 1-2 glasses of water and 2-3 liters of water per day

11. Choose to eat black coffee without sugar.

Like bitterness, the aroma is almost daily. Most coffee that is eaten is hot coffee. You will choose to eat black coffee without sugar. If you want to eat 3 in 1 coffee, choose the coffee that contains the calories next to the envelope. When preparing almost half a pack of coffee and adding an additional coffee, cold coffee will prevent it. If you really want to eat, you will not eat more than 2 glasses for 1 month and B will choose to eat cold coffee, normal store. Because telling the seller to reduce the ingredients

12. If you eat out

Going to eat with family, having a party with friends, B will eat everything It will not bother others The next day a healthy eating menu will be made as before. Hurry to recover the body after eating as quickly as possible

Schedule of exercises

B. Start exercising from weight loss. Together with diet B. Exercise in 2018, average 5-7 days per week, and this year 2562, average 4-6 days per week

Small gym at home

B. Do not enter the fitness center because there is no row at home. And in Ban B, there are no exercise machines Use the storage room of a small room with only one 1.5 kg weight device per side. Focus on exercise, training, do not run, do not jump. No jumping rope Because I can not do it

Look at the Facebook page exercises on YouTube. In IG, you want to reduce the part you want to burn. What do you have to do? B. Continue Choose a position Do not force B will use the dumbbell to start the back of the arm, the chest, about 30-40 minutes later, administer the abdomen, the waist, the hips and the legs, respectively. Take all the exercise for about 1 hour -1.30 hours.

Every day, B works to open a store tomorrow morning. The time that is convenient for the B exercise is after two of every eight hours.

The results of this weight loss

He told me it was amazing. The result is better than expected. Make new knowledge Love you more And prove that we can do it ourselves You can win the heart B. You can lose weight With diet Choose to eat and exercise Consistent with a serious discipline, it helps you to lose weight without good health. Eat weight loss pills Or any weight loss supplement

Fat, fat Fat can be thin

A giant lady is also an angel. B. I would like to please all those who are losing weight. Or people who plan to lose weight B. Understand that it is difficult. But I think everyone can do it. Hit yourself to do it. Everyone can do it.

If there is a serious intention, discipline, we must achieve the real goal. Try to fight once. "Believe and believe in oneself" Love yourself before loving others And encouraging all mothers after birth. Do not be discouraged Women should not stop pretty. The older you have to take care of yourself, the more discouraged you get tired when you get up as quickly as possible. Do not stress Do not press B weight loss does not indicate that everything is the right one. But everyone can adapt to Change to eat again, choose to eat, exercise well for good health. Eat well, life changes.

Interview and compilation by: MThai Team Women

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